Hotel Bayview Hualien provides complimentary transport service to the Hualien train station, but there is no fixed timing, and the hotel staff would simply group guests who were intending to go to the train station together.

We ended up taking a much earlier shuttle to the train station, because the next one was too close to the train departure time for comfort.

Had a lot of time to explore Hualien train station and its surroundings because we were so early.

At the park outside Hualien Train Station.  Because of the geography of the area, Hualien has an abundance of large marble stones.  These are sculpted into decorative structures.

Our boarding tickets back to Taipei city.

There is only one main shop at Hualien train station, and that is Ah Mei Muah Chee (阿美麻糬) – best for buying last minute gifts from Hualien.  Although Zhen Ji muah chee (曾记麻糬) dominates all corners of Hualien city, we did not buy anything from them. This was a  last minute buy at the train station to try some Hualien Muah Chee.

The must-try is their freshly-made muah chee.

Our private snack box of freshly-made Ah Mei muah chee.  This serves as breakfast for our journey back to Taipei station.

This freshly made mueh chee is so good that I never want to eat pre-packed ones anymore!

Chewy outside and lots of filling inside.

Just like the Puyuma 408 train that we took from Taipei to Hualien, this return trip on Puyuma 211 was spacious and comfortable, just like taking a business class seat on an airline.

For a more detailed review, please check out our post on Puyuma 408 train that we took from Taipei to Hualien.

Saying goodbye to Hualien and its beautiful scenery.  We will definitely be back!

Join us next as we check in Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

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