If you have a sweet tooth or have a strong preference for buttery desserts, then After You Dessert Cafe is the perfect place for you.

After You Dessert Cafe serves Japanese-styled desserts, cakes and snacks, but is actually a local chain of dessert cafes in Bangkok, made popular by regular positive raves online.  It currently has a few branches, but the most accessible ones are located in close proximity at Central World, Paragon and its latest addition – at Siam Square One.

There is another outlet at Paragon, but since we were already at Siam Square One, we naturally joined the queue here.  Yes, there is a queue, and quite a long one at that.  We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes in the evening for a seat in the cafe.

We had a look around its souvenir shop while waiting for our seat.  Just like their desserts, these are made to look like they came from Japan itself.  In fact, this feels rather similar to products you would find at Muji.

There is quite a good range of selection in their menu.

After You Dessert Cafe is famous for their Shibuya Honey Toast (THB175 for regular size, and THB155 for a small one), and their Chocolate Lava Brownie (THB155).

Shibuya Honey Toast (Credits: http://www.afteryoudessertcafe.com/menu/shibuya-honey-toast-2/)
Chocolate Mud Brownie (Credits: http://www.afteryoudessertcafe.com/menu/giant-chocolate-lava/)

Besides that, they also have a great selection of coffees, teas and frappes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Finally got our seat after 20 minutes of waiting.

Placing my order personally at the counter.

Despite the raves on their Shibuya Honey Toast and Chocolate Lava Brownie, we opted for one of Tommy’s favourite food – Banana split! This grilled Banana split cost us 165THB or about SGD $6.50.

It comes with a set of 3 sauces – strawberry, chocolate and honey.

It was a huge serving that even the two of us could barely finish.  Perhaps it was because of the good dinner we had at the Fuji Restaurant, we hardly had space to stomach more. Nevertheless, this taste really good. Topped with all the sauces that complement each other, it was an excellent choice.

Our side order of a Horlick Frappe and a Dark Chocolate Frappe (both at 135THB which is approximately SGD$5.30). Both are exceptionally sweet, a little too much for my liking.

There’s free flow of iced tea at the side for all customers.  This works especially well in clearing the taste in your mouth after all the sweet desserts and drinks.

This particular dessert called Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigon seem to be especially popular with customers.  Almost all tables have ordered one except for us.

The total bill for the two of us came up to 435THB, which is approximately SGD$17. Relatively expensive considering that we ordered only one dessert and two drinks.

Final Verdict

After You Dessert Cafe does serve a range of delectable desserts and beverages, but they do not come with a cheap price tag.  Go and have a try only if you like sweet desserts.

After You Dessert Cafe
Siam Square One Ground Floor
tel no. 02 115 1949
sweet hours:
12:00pm-12:00am (everyday)

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