Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we share our review of Breeze @ the Samaya where we enjoyed a nice dinner.

Breeze At The Samaya – Romantic Dining

The Samaya at Seminyak Bali is one of those luxury resorts lining the prime spots along the coast of Bali.  Staying at this ultra-posh resort for a night could be the equivalent of staying 3 nights at the more inland Bhavana Private Villas. There is always a price to pay when you want to experience something extraordinary.

The best alternative we could do was to have a meal at its famous and highly recommended restaurant – the Breeze Restaurant located at the waterfront.

The Samaya is actually only a short distance away from our dwelling place at the Bhavana Private Villas. However, since we did not know the way, we requested Bhavana to provide us with complimentary transport to the Samaya.

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Our first sight of the beach-front dining at the Samaya.

Admiring the private sanctuary of the Samaya.

There’s also a indoor dining area for those who do not prefer alfresco dining.

This romantic little cove is set on a little ‘private’ island.  Its privacy is unparalleled, given that only service staff could access the island through a small bridge.  For a moment, I had thought (and wished) that Tommy had reserved that place for us.

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Blown Away First Impressions at Breeze Restaurant

Finally we reached Breeze Restaurant at the beach side after a tour of the beautiful Samaya Resort. We were simply blown away by the romantic setting and beautiful views of the sea at the Breeze Restaurant.

It promised to be yet another cloudy day. In fact, it was cloudier than the day before when we watched sunset at Jimbaran beach.

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Breeze @ the Samaya Dinner Menu

Here’s the dinner menu.

In case you are wondering, the prices are not USD but in thousands of Indonesian Rupiah.

Samaya Punch and Olive & Lychee Crush. From the photo, we can’t really differentiate which is which!

Watching the sun set as we waited for our food.

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Complimentary breads and spreads.

Our Appetizer – Hand Cut Chips

Sunset could have been more spectacular if it was a clear day, but we were happy enough with these.

Our main courses of Salmon and Grilled Snapper.  We can’t say that this was the best dinner ever, but the fantastic setting and service makes anything forgivable.

Enjoying the night view from Breeze Restaurant.

Time for some dessert.

Sorbets are always my favourite, so here it is – Passion fruit flavour.

Surprise, surprise!  Because it was my birthday, Tommy had made arrangements with Breeze to plan something special.  I got a birthday song sang by the team of restaurant staff and a complimentary cake.  *blush*

Total bill for dinner was about $853,050 rupiah which works out to about SGD$90.

Taking one last look at the beautiful Samaya Villas.  Should I ever become rich, I will be sure to splurge on one of these villas.

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Even the lobby and reception area is posh and beautiful.  Because we did not fancy walking in the dark back to the Bhavana Private Villas, and we did not know how safe it was to venture into small alleys on our way back, we decided to  ask the reception to call a cab for us. Guess spending a few dollars on a cab is definitely better than getting mugged on the way back.

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Restaurant Details

BREEZE @ the Samaya
Jl. Laksamana Basangkasa,
Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, B
ali 80361, Indonesia

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Click here to check out our full Bali Trip Itinerary review for all the attractions that we visited.

Join us next as we spend the last day of our vacation exploring the rest of Bali.

First published 7 Feb 2015
Last updated 29 Dec 2018

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