It was very late in the evening when we finally got back to home at Mercure Perth after a long and eventful trip to the Pinnacles.  Lunch may have been included at the Lobster Shack, but dinner was not!

Although the Mercure Perth was located in close proximity to Perth’s Central Business District (CBD),  many of the shops and restaurants were closed by the time we were back. Fortunately, we found the Breve Cafe and Bar in close proximity which had stayed open at this late hour.

It felt like a great relief to be able to finally sit down for a good meal after a harsh day at the Pinnacles Desert.  Better still to have the entire cafe to ourselves!  Because of the late hour, we might easily have been the last customers of the day!

The menu of Breve Cafe and Bar.  Eating out in Australia has never been cheap.  My order of a carbonara cost AUD$18.90, while a small personal pizza costs almost the same.

While the food served was quite mediocre, the coffee offered at Breve Cafe and Bar was fabulous!  So much so that we found ourselves back here quite often to take-away a cup!

Final Verdict

Average food, but good coffee.  Long opening hours, perfect for a late night supper.

Breve Cafe and Bar
158 Murray Street, Perth
Western Australia 6000

Join us next as we embark on a day trip to the Wave Rock.

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