We stumbled across the Café Stofan while looking for the Icelandic Fish and Chips, and was lured further by the fact that it had very good reviews online.  While the Icelandic Fish and Chips was a little off from where we were at, we decided to have a quick refreshment at Café Stofan before continuing on our search.

Best Coffee in Reykjavik

I’ve heard that the word ‘Stofan’ actually means ‘living room’ and that is what the café had achieved in terms of décor.  The café has a typical living room layout, complete with couches, coffee tables, bookshelves, paintings and frames.

My cup of hot Swiss Mocha.  It is the best coffee we had in Iceland. Besides serving great coffee, Café Stofan also has bottled and draft beers, as well as light snacks available.


The only one thing we find not ideal was that this place seems to be perpetually crowded – not surprising given that it is a popular place. However,   it is not easy to relax or chill out given that people keep coming in and out of the café.   Perhaps it is also because of the free wifi in this café, but most people don’t seem to want to leave, so it is equally difficult to find a seat.

Café Stofan was voted 2012′s “Best Place to Read a Book” by the Grapevine – and maybe that also explains why most seats are occupied with people with their nose in a book.

Final Verdict

Café Stofan is highly recommended for coffee-lovers.   If you are at the Old Harbour area, check out the Café Haiti as well.   As to which is better is really a matter of personal taste.  I prefer the Café Stofan over the Café Haiti because the latter has a milkier taste to it and milk is not one of my favourite ingredients.  In terms of ambience, the Café Haiti wins hands down for its very cozy and warm environment.

Café Stofan
Aðalstræti 7 on Ingólfstorg Square
Reykjavik Iceland

Join us next as we enjoy some Icelandic Fish and Chips.

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