Going to Perth? In this installment of our Perth Travel Guide Series, enjoy a late night meal at the Corner Cafe, right in the city of Perth after a long day trip to the Wave Rock.

Enjoy a meal at Corner Cafe Perth Asian Restaurant

Our day trip to the Wave Rock ended really late at night – it was already close to 9 pm when we finally trudged back to our lodgings at the Mercure Perth, and that’s without dinner.  That was how tough this day tour to the Wave Rock was!

Even with Mercure’s close proximity to the city centre, we knew there were little chances of finding a good restaurant to settle our dining needs, other than to visit Breve Cafe again.

We were on our way to the Breve Cafe when we passed by the Corner Cafe, an Asian restaurant serving Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Cambodian food.

Since it was still willing to accept customers at this late hour, we decided to give it a try! Actually it was more like I was craving for some Thai Tom-Yum soup!

At such a late hour, there were hardly any customers in the cafe, except for a group of Asian students finishing up their meal.

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Corner Cafe Perth Menu

That’s the menu of Corner Cafe.  It looks very extensive, and we would have loved to pour through every page slowly, but we were simply too hungry to do so.

Tommy’s order of Pad Thai.  It was served quite quickly (probably because the owner wanted to close for the day already).  Taste-wise, it was above average. Considered cheap at AUD $10.95.

My order of Thai Tom Yum chicken soup with rice.  Tasted spicy enough, sour enough, but maybe lacking in a bit of punch. Compared to the one we had at Satang Thai in Sydney, this one is not as good. At AUD $7.95, we can’t complain much.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the meal here at the Corner Cafe cost much lesser than at the more upmarket Sandrinos in Fremantle or at the Breve Cafe.  We will be back.

Corner Cafe
546 Hay St Perth
WA 6000 Australia

Join us next as we visit the Bell Tower.

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