The Embers Steakhouse at the Marmot Lodge was where we had both breakfast and dinner at Marmot Lodge, Jasper.  It was not exactly included in our package with the Rocky Mountaineer, but as part of the promotion offered, we were given a fixed number of credits which we used to offset the cost of breakfast and dinner here.

Breakfast @ Embers Steakhouse

Full breakfast buffet cost CAD$16, and Continental breakfast is slightly cheaper at CAD$12.

The sumptuous buffet spread.

The breakfast spread on both mornings were similar.  In general, breakfast was quite good for the price.  Service staff were also quite prompt in the mornings.

Dinner @ Embers Steakhouse

While breakfast was good at the Embers Steakhouse, we could not say the same of dinner at the same venue.

For one, the service was slow.  For another, the menu was uninspiring, the food took a long time to come and eventually, what was served was totally unappetising.  Sorry folks, but that was my honest opinion.

Our dinner voucher at the Embers Steakhouse allowed us to select a choice of appetizer, main course and dessert off the menu.

Our appetisers of Arugula Pear Salad and Baked French Onion soup.

For Main courses, we ordered Rack of Lamb and Beef Tenderloin.

Finally, our dessert – Raspberry Mudpie.

Final Verdict

While breakfast was quite worth the price, dinner was not quite worth it.  You’ll be better off walking that distance to get to town and experience better options.

Join us next as we explore Jasper National Park.

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