Fuji Japanese Restaurant is located on the 6th floor of the older wing of Platinum Fashion Mall. We’ve had several feedback from friends and colleagues that Japanese fare in Bangkok is cheap and good, so here we are to try this out for ourselves.

It is a great choice and a good place to relax if you do not wish to fight with the crowd for a seat at the Food Court located just outside the restaurant.

The interior of Fuji Japanese Restaurant @ Platinum Mall.  This is really a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the foodcourt outside.

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Fuji Japanese Restaurant Menu. Let’s take a look at what’s available inside.

There are so many sets and different combinations, we were simply spoiled for choice!

One thing that I always must try at all Japanese restaurants is their Chawan Mushi!  This one is not too bad, although it cannot rank as the best that we’ve had.  At a cost of THB $70 = SGD $2.80, it is not exactly cheap for a chawan mushi. (Sakae Sushi’s chawan mushi cost $4.20).

The desserts look so appetizing in the menu!

Strawberry Frost (THB $65 = SGD $2.60) to deal with the dehydration after half a day walking and shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall.   The Thais seem to have a very good way of making Frappes for this one tasted as good as the one at Somboon Seafood Restaurant.  On second thoughts we should not have ordered this, for the lunch set came with free coffee or tea for each of us!

My Saba Shoyaki Set Lunch (THB $130 = SGD $5.20)  It comes with the main dish, miso soup, sweet tofu, rice, dessert plus a beverage.  There is also a small plate of kimchi too..thought kimchi is more for korean food? The price for this is less than half of what we normally pay in Singapore, but the standard is comparable, if not better!

Tommy’s Tonkatsu Set (THB $140 = SGD $5.60). Tasty breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet with some mayonaise with the usual miso soup, sweet tofu, kimchi, rice, dessert and a beverage.

Our dessert of fruits for each of us.  Argh, by this time, both of us were too full to carry on, though we must say that thai fruits taste pretty sweet.


The total bill came to THB $445 (SGD $17.80) inclusive of 10% service charge. This include 2 set meals (consisting of a main course, a beverage and a dessert), one Chawanmushi, and one Strawberry Frost.  It is a very affordable price given that this is a restaurant setting and the standard of food is good.  Certainly a good alternative if you want to have a good resting place after the hectic shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall.  We will definitely drop by again.

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