If you are at Katoomba in Blue Mountains, do take note that though there are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants at Katoomba Street, most of them close early at around 5:30 – 6:00pm.   The only ones which open till late are the Asian restaurants and eateries, and we happen to know that the Blue Hour Café (great coffee!) also closes slightly later than usual.

As I had a strong craving for Asian fare (especially Thai cuisine) on our second day at Katoomba, we selected Gasiinsamut  Thai Fusion Restaurant amongst the other Asian outlets for our dinner.  This was about the only Thai restaurant available in Katoomba.

From the looks of it, this restaurant is run by a Thai family.  We were the only customers dining in (so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!), although there were some take-away pick-ups by what looked like regular customers.

Beautifully decorated Thai Restaurant interior. Thai pride was very much evident with the display of the Thai King’s photo portrait in the restaurant.

Thai tom-yum soup is a must-have for me, and for that matter, for anyone who frequents a Thai restaurant.  This is a creamy version of the Thai tom-yum soup, and this is the first time that I ever encountered this, making us doubt its authenticity.  We later learnt that the Thais actually serve creamy tom-yum soup in Thailand and it is only in Singapore that the cream is missing in the recipe. That gives us an excuse to go back to Bangkok again soon to try an authentic Thai Restaurant there! 🙂

The tom-yum soup is actually really quite tasty (although I really prefer it without the cream, but the restaurant were unable to customize it to my liking).  To be honest, the cream base of the soup helps to neutralize the rich spices of the soup, making it easier on my stomach lining.  They are also very generous with the portion and its ingredients (large mushrooms and chicken meat) and I would say, this soup served with white rice can already make a meal.

We must admit, the portions for the rest of our orders were huge too.   The Thai Fried Rice looked like it could serve 2 and we actually tried to cancel our order of the Pad Thai when we saw the amount of food served.  Both dishes were great, albeit a little too oily.

The cost of the meal is not cheap, but this is about the price range in all other restaurants and cafes in the Katoomba region. We were too hungry on that day and didn’t really take photos of the menus and the receipt! ;P

Final Verdict: 

Not perfect, but serves authentic Thai food.

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