Mango lovers will do well to visit Thailand’s most popular Mango desert store – Mango Tango.

Thailand is well-known for their mango sticky rice and what other place to have this delectable desert but at its most famous Mango Tango desert cafe.

There are only 3 Mango Tango outlets in Thailand at this moment – one at Chiangmai and two in Bangkok.  We went to the outlet at Siam Square Soi 3, a short distance from Siam Square One. The other Bangkok outlet is at Asiatique, which was quite far from where we were staying at the Ibis Bangkok Siam.

From a distance, Mango Tango is not difficult to spot.  Simply look out for its bright yellow name in large fonts.

Also look out for the unmistakable Mr Mango Tango who stands guard outside its store front.  Looks like a yellow M&M to me!

Menu is handed to you at the counter and you have to place your order before being assigned a seat. The rule of the house was that each customer has to place at least one order – that means no sharing of one portion between 2 persons.

We came here with the sole intention to sample and share one portion of its famous Mango Sticky Rice between the two of us, so were rather caught by surprise when we found ourselves having to order another portion.

It was rather difficult to make a choice, therefore, we did the most idiot-proof thing – simply order the one marked as ‘Recommended’!

The interior of Mango Tango is done up in a rather industrial and bare-bone theme, with wooden tables and benches serving as its serving area.

A cooler full of mangoes – the base material for all the delightful desserts served.

They even have a shelf full of souvenirs for sale – no doubt targeting tourists like ourselves.

Mango Tango with extra sticky rice.  This was the one dessert that we came to sample, and  in our opinion was the most ‘comprehensive’ mango dessert at Mango Tango, comprising of Mango Pudding, Fresh Mango, Mango Ice Cream and Sticky Rice.

It cost 160 baht which translates to about SGD $6.20.  Not a very cheap price in terms of Bangkok standards, in fact, it sounds like what we would have to pay in Singapore. However, the quality and taste of this desert is something that you would never ever find in Singapore.  The mangoes used are carefully selected, thus you can be assured of its sweetness and freshness, and the taste of each of its 4 ingredients (pudding + ice cream + mango + sticky rice) complement each other perfectly to give that heavenly cool fragrant mango experience.  The highlight is of course the sticky rice – something that sounds as common as rice can be made into a delicacy of fine texture and delightful taste.

My order of Mango Tango (Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream). This is in essence the same as the Mango Tango with sticky rice, but of course without the sticky rice.  It is just like having the same thing, but as a smaller portion and comes with a slightly cheaper cost at 140 baht (SGD$5.40).  This of course brings to mind the amazing mango dessert we had in Taipei earlier this year at Smoothie House – Mango Shaved Ice! Still irresistible when I think about it!

Final Verdict:

Mango Tango does live up to its reputation as the best place in town for its Mango Dessert. It is a must-try if you are in Bangkok!

Mango Tango
Siam Squares Soi 3
[email protected]

Join us next as we enjoy another round of dessert at After You Cafe.

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