We were not new to New Town Bakery and Restaurant at Chinatown, Vancouver.  A few years back, while traveling through Vancouver on the way to our Alaska Cruise, our first encounter with New Town Bakery & Restaurant was pretty positive.  Read our previous review of New Town Bakery & Restaurant here.

Which was why we made it a point to visit this restaurant again when we were back in Vancouver, this time on our way to visit the Canadian Rockies.

Chinatown, Vancouver

Read our earlier detailed article on Chinatown, Vancouver here.

On this early spring morning, we got up early to beat the breakfast crowd at New Town Bakery & Restaurant.  From past experience, we knew that the restaurant will be crowded with the locals and certain items would be sold out if we came too late.  Another reason was that we suffered severely from jet lag and couldn’t sleep.  So we got out of the YWCA Hotel Vancouver for an early morning walk to Chinatown.  From the YWCA Hotel Vancouver, the walk to Chinatown would take only 10-15 mins at a leisurely pace.

Enjoying the early morning scenery along the way to Chinatown, Vancouver.

The Chinese Cultural Centre, the main attraction of which was the Sun Yat Sun Classical Garden which we visited on our last visit to Vancouver.

Chinatown was literally still sleeping at this time, testament to how early we were.

Some of these urban landscapes were still so familiar to us, it felt as if our last visit was fairly recent.

New Town Bakery and Restaurant

It didn’t take us long to locate this old favourite of ours, because we were so familiar with Chinatown by now.  Everything looked exactly the same as when we left off 3 years ago.

It pays to be the early bird – the bakery was well-stocked with freshly baked items!  We had the intention to pack back some of these- but for now, its time for some steaming hot dim sum to warm me up.

Because we were that early, the restaurant was almost vacant except for a few regulars.
Breakfast set menu with option for a chinese or western set.  We preferred to order ours ala-carte.

You guessed it!  We ordered what we usually would order in any other dim sum restaurants.

Looking at these again made me wish that we were back in the restaurant again.  It was that good.

We wished we had a bigger stomach to accommodate more varieties of these.

Service was a little slow, probably because we were one of the first few customers and they were not quite ready with the day’s menu yet.   But at least we got our food fresh off the stove.  The freshly-steamed bun did take some time to come, but was well-worth the wait.  After all, Chinese breakfasts are meant to be an unhurried affair.

The crowd starts to come in when we were having a relaxing time here.  Seats were filled up in no time.

Total bill of CAD $18 for 4 items to feed 2 persons.

Now that we were done with dim sum breakfast, it was time for some shopping at its bakery.  There were so many to choose from – from the usual Chinese spring rolls and baked pork buns to unique flavours such as century egg cakes and of course, its award winning apple tarts.

Although it was not mid-autumn festival in April when we visited (in Chinese tradition, the mid-autumn festival always takes place in the month of September), New Town still has these mooncake pastries on sale.  Try them if you hadn’t tried mooncakes before.

And these are the famed apple tarts which they sell either individually, or by the dozens. It was indeed a must-try if you are in Chinatown, Vancouver.  I never like apple pies much, but I must say these apple tarts are really good.

New Town’s steamed pork buns are also popular among customers.

Check out their sign boards for their most popular items if you need some help in choosing from the great variety of pastries here. Sesame balls, baked pork buns and deep fried prawn fritters are amongst the most popular items, while the bakery recommends its egg tarts, apple tarts (of course) and its coconut buns.

Final Verdict

We had been here, we came here again, and we will be back again for a third visit should we ever find ourselves in Vancouver again. Delightful dim-sum and pastries at a good price.

Join us next as we continue on with our exploration of Vancouver city.

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