We were pleasantly surprised when we were informed at check-in to the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront that complimentary dinner and breakfast was provided for us at the hotel’s in-house restaurant P2B Bistro & Bar.   While we did get CAD $800 worth of credits to redeem for meal plans as part of the promotion when we signed up for the package with Rocky Mountaineer, we did not select the two meals in the redemption.  So we were rather touched by the kind gesture by Rocky Mountaineer! 🙂

Rocky Mountaineer 3-Course Meal

Customers who are on the Rocky Mountaineer package were given a special Rocky Mountaineer menu, comprising of a 3-course dinner.  This was different from the full menu of the restaurant, but we are not complaining since it was a complimentary meal.  In any case, the options here in the menu were all pretty good and there was no difficulty at all in picking out something that we each liked.

My choice of appetizer – Crispy Caper Caesar, which I felt was pretty good.

Tommy’s choice of a West Coast Bouillabaisse comprising of mussels, clams, prawns in a tomato coconut broth with grilled focaccia.

Where there’s creamy mushroom to be had, I would never fail to order it.  My main dish consist of Mushroom and Chicken Penne with grilled chicken, sautéed wild mushrooms in an alfredo sauce.

Compared to the carbonara I had at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar, I’ll say the one at Frankie’s was much better.  But that’s after all an Italian restaurant.  The one here is much more than acceptable, and the only complaint I had was that the portion was way too big for a petite gal.

Tommy’s order of a Grilled Sockeye Salmon with sauteed fingerling potatoes, vegetables and cabinet demi-glace.  This was a rather safe choice, and one that did not disappoint in terms of taste and texture.

My favourite part of any meal has got to be dessert.  Since there was only 2 choices on the menu, we ordered one of each.

Our dessert of White Chocolate Cream Brûlée with fresh berries and almond biscotti and White Chocolate Cheese Cake with home-baked blueberry composite and bourbon caramel sauce.  Both were on the rather heavy side, and we had difficulty finishing both because the portions were just so big.

Final Verdict

A very nice complimentary meal, we’ll give it a thumbs-up.

Join us next as we begin our epic Journey to the Canadian Rockies!

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