I am a great lover of Thai food and cannot resist going into a Thai Restaurant when I see one, even when we are at faraway Blue Mountains in SydneyWhat caught my attention this time round and brought me to the popular Satang Thai Exclusive was actually the Satang Thai Takeaway Restaurant. 

We passed by this takeaway station two nights in a row on our way back to the Mercure Sydney from dinner at the Menya Noodle Bar and the Chinese Noodle Restaurant.   On both nights, this takeaway station was bustling with long queues and satisfied looking customers.   We reckoned that such good business must mean good Thai food, so we popped into the Satang Thai Exclusive located just opposite the road from the takeaway station to give it a try.

For the record, the Satang Thai Exclusive was just as packed as the takeout station during meal times, with long queues outside the restaurant.   To circumvent that, we arranged for a really early dinner at 4.30pm to beat the crowd!

Thai Tom Yum Soup is the must-try at any Thai Restaurant you walk into.  It is like an indicator of the authenticity of the Thai food they serve there.  For me, it is also because Tom Yum Soup is one of my favourite dishes.

This one doesn’t disappoint.  Just like the version we had at Gasiinsamut Thai Fusion Restaurant at the Blue Mountains, this bowl of Tom Yum Soup had some cream added into it.  Despite this, the sharp taste of spices is still prevalent and the serving is packed full of ingredients.   At AUD$7.90, this one is a steal.

Chicken and Corn Fritter (AUD $7.90).  Something special and unique which we had never encountered before – chicken fried with corn.  This is an unforgettable dish done to perfection.

Thai Fried Rice (AUD $9.90).  Another great dish, we actually get to choose the meat to be included (chicken, beef, pork, tofu, prawn, calamari or seafood) with the fried rice.  This is a little too oily to our liking, but as with the Tom Yum soup, it is packed with ingredients and big enough to serve two.

Total Bill

Total bill for two of us was AUD $25.70 after taxes.  It is pretty affordable for a restaurant setting.  Only upon further research did we realize that we were actually paying the prices for the lunch menu.  Not too bad for an early dinner!  However, do take note that prices are higher for the dinner menu.

Verdict:  This is one of those places where the long queues outside the restaurant are fully justified.  Satang Thai Exclusive serves excellent food in a clean and tastefully done up restaurant, topped with good service.  A must try if you are in the Haymarket or Chinatown area in Sydney.

Check out the Satang Thai Exclusive Facebook page for more details on the menu and opening hours.

Satang Thai Exclusive
203-204/107-121 Quay Street,
Australia 2000

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