With it being a special day in our life, Tommy made arrangements for a nice dinner at Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant which was once the tallest building in the world.

Shin Yeh – Taipei 101 Restaurant

After an indulgence at Beitou hot springs, our next stop was Shin Yeh @ Taipei 101.

Shopping at Taipei 101

We arrived at Taipei 101 very much earlier than our reservation at 6 pm, so we had plenty of time to loiter around the shopping mall of Taipei 101.

The first thing we saw on alighting from the Metro station was Din Tai Fung which reminds us of the dim sum breakfast we had at the Din Tai Fung at Yong Kang Street.  Unbelievable that it happened only 2 days ago!

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Dim Sum breakfast @ the original Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is everywhere in Taipei.  Just like the branch at Yong Kang Street, prices are much lower than that in Singapore.

We were quite amused to see the bak kwa in Taiwan.  Theirs were cut to such perfect squares, and were so much thicker than ours.

Shopping at Taipei 101 can be such an enjoyment if you are rich – which unfortunately we are not.

We were bored enough to venture outside the shopping mall to watch the repetitive motions of the water fountain.

One of the Best Views of Taipei City

There are many other Shin Yeh branches in Taipei, but what really distinguishes Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant is its exclusive dining experience which offers a view of the entire Taipei city.

After much hassle, and losing our way many times in the huge Taipei 101 shopping mall, we finally managed to locate the lift lobby that leads to Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant.

Because of the long ‘flight’ up the building to the 85th floor where the restaurant is located, the journey had to be broken into two.  At the 60th floor, we alighted from one high speed elevator to transfer to another one which will bring us to the top.

Finally, arrived at Shin Yeh. The entrance itself is already grand enough to impress.

Tommy had in his reservation, asked for an exclusive window view seat.  I feel so privileged to be sitting here!

The entire restaurant is so posh!

The view outside my window.  The best time to come is actually at 5:30 pm, when the restaurant is just open for the dinner session. At that time, you can catch the day view of Taipei city and watch the sky outside darken as you have dinner.

Set Dinner at Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant

We decided on this Formosa set menu at NT1700 (SGD$74) per person. There were 8 dishes included in this set, including a ‘Buddha Jumps over the Wall’ and African Abalone.

Appetizer trio of Oven Baked Mullet Roe coated with squid mousse, Jellyfish, Hokkaido Scallops with Japanese Soy Sauce.  Nice!

Sharks fin with Buddha jumps over the wall.  This is the first time I am trying this dish, so I have no basis for comparison.

However, I must say that the Shin Yeh version is very refined and made exquisitely, with a good quantity of premium ingredients.  Just look at the size of that sharks fin.

Steamed South African Abalone.  Portion is a bit small, but it tastes excellent.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Ball. Crispy with just the right mix of sauce.  Only lament was that the portion was too small.  I could finish this in almost one gulp.

By the end of the fourth dish, the day scape had changed to a night scape.  This is as good as watching the city scape at the Taipei 101 Observatory without needing to pay admissions fees of NT500 (SGD$22) per pax.

Here comes the 5th dish – Sauteed Seasonal Bamboo.  The Taiwanese loves bamboo and must have it as one of their dishes on the dining table.  I am not such a great lover of bamboo, so this must be the dish that I enjoyed the least.  This time round, I must say, fortunately the portion is small.

Chicken fillet fried rice. Not the best amongst all the dishes, but still a good fried rice.

Last two dishes of fruits and Sweetened Tapioca Soup.

To top everything off, the restaurant prepared a special gift for our special occassion. Thank you Shin Yeh!

The two hearts are actually pineapple tarts.

Final Verdict

Shin Yeh has many branches in Taipei, but the one that you must visit is the one at Taipei 101, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion.  The food served is refined and outstanding. Coupled with immaculate service and an unparalleled view, you will find it a wonderful experience.

We will definitely be back again.

Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant
No. 7, Sec. 5,
Xinyi Rd.,
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City (Taipei 101)
Telephone No: 02-8101-0185
Fax: 02-8101-0131

Opening Hours:
11:30 – 15:00;
17:30 – 22:00

Website:  http://www.shinyeh.com.tw/English_web/about.php

How to get to Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant

Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant is located in a separate building from the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall. The nearest metro station is Taipei 101 / World Trade Center Station.

From the street level, avoid the mall entrances and enter through the Taipei 101 office towers instead.

If you are already in the shopping mall, there is a link from the mall at B1, 4th floor and 5th floor to the office building, but it is somewhat difficult to find and you will have to ask the shopping mall concierge for help.

Once you reach the correct building, take the escalator to the second floor where you will be greeted by service staff who will check on your appointment with the restaurants at the building.  They will then escort you to the VIP elevator to Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant on the 85th storey.

Join us next as we visit Jiufen Old Street (九份老街).

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