One of those must try food (other than Din Tai Fung) in Taipei is their mango shaved ice. At Yong Kang Street (and for that matter, in most other streets in Taipei), there are many such small eateries selling mango shaved ice, but the one we were looking for was the most famous and highly recommended one – Smoothie House (永康街思慕昔).

There is another mango shaved ice eatery – King Mango, which we did not try. Anyone try before??

After a most satisfying breakfast at Din Tai Fung, we were ready to hit the streets! At about 10:00am in the morning, most of the shops at Yong Kang Street were still closed, except for a handful.

The shops that open early are Cosmed and opposite it, Watsons which we went in to loiter a bit while waiting for other shops to open.

We wandered right up to No. 17 Yong Kang Street, but even there, most shops were closed.

Smoothie House is unmistakable even from a distance. It actually has two sections – an open air cafe at ground level, and one at an upper floor, but which only opens at 11am.

Smoothie House as seen from the other side of the street.

Smoothie House does have a lot of items on their menu, but the only item that we wanted (and which most of the other early tourists also ordered) is without a doubt their mango shaved ice.

One portion is enough to feed 2-4.  But as Tommy was not feeling too well, he took 2 mouthfuls to try and declared himself done for the day, leaving me to finish the entire enormous plate, to the horror of the other tourists beside us (they all had 4 persons sharing one plate).

I am not complaining though.  Though still very full from the meal at Din Tai Fung, I just had to find space in my stomach to finish this very delicious dessert.

Shaved ice, so finely created that it melts in your mouth, topped with mango sorbet, mango syrup and fresh mango.  Irresistible! It took me a good 15 minutes to finish it (thanks to Tommy who abandoned me), and I probably put on a lot of weight because of it (thanks to Tommy again), but its absolutely worth it! In fact, if I had more space in my stomach, I would probably want another serving.

Final Verdict:  This place is popular for a reason.  Its a must-try if you are at Yong Kang Street. 

Smoothie House No. 15
No.15, Yongkang St.,
Da’an Dist.,
Taipei City 10650,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-2341-8555
AM 10:00~PM 11:00

Join us next as we shop in Little Three (小三美日).

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