With its bright pink facade, Sprinkles Gelato caught our attention from across the street while shopping along the shopping district Above Bar Street in Southampton City.  It is very near to Marlands Shopping Centre and Palmerston Park, but there are also another outlet further down at Below Bar Street.

We have actually first noticed the bright pink outlet when we were on the coach from Heathrow airport to Southampton. Apparently, Sprinkles seemed to be very popular and was almost full house even in the late afternoon.

It may be called Sprinkles Gelato, but the cafe offers much much more than gelatos.

Besides a breakfast menu, they also offer a fantastic selection of coffees, sundaes, crepes and waffles, so many that I hardly know which to choose.

For their full menu and prices, visit the Sprinkles Gelato website.

I simply love the range of cakes and confectionaries that Sprinkles has on display here.  Of course, the flavour of the town seems to be the Frozen characters – I see them almost everywhere in Southampton city.

These cookie monsters cupcakes just look so good, I don’t think I ever want to eat them.

Didn’t know that Hello Kitty is known in the UK as well. I’ve always believed it to be a very Asian icon.

These chocolate-flavoured ones looked so good too!

Of course we remembered we were in here for the Gelato in the first place! 🙂

My choice of a Raspberry gelato while Tommy had a banana flavoured one (yucks!).  One scoop costed 2 pounds, so we restricted the damage done to the wallet to one scoop each only.


Overall, it was a good experience, and I wished we had the stomach to try more of those delectable desserts at Sprinkles.   Try it yourself if you are there.

Sprinkles Gelato
Southampton (City Centre)
Above Bar Street
Southampton, Hampshire
SO14 7FL
Open 7 Days A Week 7am to Midnight

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Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book


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