Enjoy dining with a view?  At Kaohsiung, the best place to do so would be at the 85 Sky Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Kaohsiung.  As the name suggests, this tower consists of 85 storeys, and was the highest building in Taiwan until the completion of Taipei 101.  From where we were staying at the Kindness Hotel, the 85 Sky Tower was about a 15 to 20 minute walk away.

There are a number of premium restaurants to choose from at the 85 Sky Tower, and our choice for tonight was the Teppanyaki restaurant located at the 38th floor.

At the Teppanyaki restaurant, there are 4 open grill tables housing over 70 seats.  We asked for one which was next to the panoramic bay windows for a good view of the Kaohsiung night scape.

There is also a sky observatory at the 85th storey of the sky tower, but this was good enough for the purpose of sky dining.  We could see as far out as Dream World Shopping Centre, the one with the ferris wheel.

Choosing your Set Dinner

Only set meals are available at the Teppanyaki restaurant.  The way to order is to choose your main dish, and it will be complemented with a fixed set consisting of a Eurasia-style buffet, bread, appetizer, soup of the day, steamed cod fish with seasonal vegetables, dessert with Haagen-Dazs ice cream, as well a fresh fruit and dessert bar and drinks.  It sure sounds like a lot for one meal!

There are loads of options for your main dish, but our recommendation is to try the lobsters or the wagyu beef sets because these are their signature dishes.

Complimentary Eurasia-Style Buffet

What’s up at the Eurasia-style buffet?  You’ll find loads of delicately-made side dishes for your appetizers before the actual meal.

If you are a salad person, then you are in for a treat, because the range of salad dressings here are just superb.  There are the usual ones such as Caesar and Thousand Island dressings and more unique ones such as orange or mango dressings.  I tried a number and they are all pretty good!

The buffet also has a very good range of small cold dishes that are so very delightful.

Here are some of them….Mussels with shrimp roe, octopus with sweet and sour sauce, waldorf salad, just to name a few.

Our choice of cold side dishes and salad with dressings from the Eurasia-style buffet.

Let the meal begins….

Bread and soup of the day….

Appetizer consists of this freshly steamed chawanmushi on the grill with fish roe.

Steamed cod fish with seasonal vegetables, and a complimentary drink for us because we were celebrating a special occasion.   That’s a lot to digest for a set meal, and we have not even started on the main course yet!

I ordered Half a Live Boston Lobster Seafood Platter, while Tommy had Sauted Sliced Pork South Eastern Style.  My set comes with a scallop and seafood gratin, while the other set didn’t but the chef very kindly extended his hospitality and gave us another copy of this seafood gratin because we had indicated that we wanted to share the main course between the two of us.  Thank you so much!

Chef started to prepare my Boston Lobster on the grill as we enjoyed the seafood gratin.

Main Courses Arrive

Half a Live Boston Lobster Seafood Platter.   This set meal cost us NT$2380 (SGD$107). It was a really good lobster to have.  I just wished I had the kind of money to spend on a full lobster.

Chef preparing our Sauted Sliced Pork South Eastern Style as we were finishing up the lobster.   This set meal cost us NT$1380 (SGD$62).

The end product that comes with grilled mushrooms.

Next Up, Dessert and Drinks

We had to adjourn to another room away from the Teppanyaki grill for the dessert bar and drinks.  By this time, we were so full we could hardly move.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream with red bean wafer.  This was really good.

Our selection of cakes and pasties from the dessert bar.

The beverage selection.

Final Verdict

A wonderful place for some fine dining, with great views to complement your meal.  The meal came with quite a high price tag, but the service and quality of food was top notch. We would recommend this restaurant if you are celebrating a special occasion or want to impress your clients. 🙂

How to get to 85 Sky Tower

The nearest MRT is the Sanduo Shopping District Station.  Get off the station at Exit No. 2, go straight and turn right to Xinguang Road. Go straight and turn right to Xinguang Road, and walk about 8 to 10 minutes.

Alternatively, the 85 Sky Tower hotel provides a shuttle from Sanduo Shopping District Station as well.

85 Sky Tower Hotel Teppanyaki Restaurant
No 1, Tzu-Chiang 3rd Road
38th Floor
Kaohsiung Taiwan

Opening Hours
Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:30
Dinner: 17:30 ~ 21:30

Join us next as we visit Ruifeng Night Market.

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