Keen to try some Vietnamese cuisine, but worry about the standard of hygiene of street food?  Then the Gourmet Corner Restaurant is the place to go to in Hanoi.

Where to eat in Hanoi? Try The Gourmet Corner Restaurant

Conveniently located at Hanoi Elegance Diamond Hotel

Located on the top storey of the Hanoi Elegance Diamond Hotel, a boutique hotel located in the heart of the Old Quarters, the Gourmet Corner Restaurant is Hanoi’s version of a fine-dining restaurant.  Their 5-star chef whips up a delightful selection of Vietnamese cuisines, exquisitely presented in a modern setting.  Those who are not used to the full array of Asian food need not fret.  The Gourmet Corner Restaurant also offers western soups and dishes and a good list of fine wines and beers.

Spectacular Views of Hoan Kiem Lake and Old Quarters

Occupying one of the tallest buildings in the vicinity, the Gourmet Corner Restaurant offers spectacular views of the Hoan Kiem lake and the Old Quarters and beyond in the relaxing air-conditioned confines of the restaurant.  Don’t be surprised to find air-conditioning a rarity in Hanoi.  In the sweltering heat of a summer day in Hanoi, the cool atmosphere of the Gourmet Corner Restaurant is indeed a welcome relief.

Check yourself in for an early dinner and watch the sun set and the day morph into night.  There’s an outdoor terrace bar for those who prefer to chill out with a beer before starting dinner.

Fantastic Food and Immaculate Service

We were rather bowled over by the immaculate service at the Gourmet Corner Restaurant. Attentive but not overly intrusive, the waiting staff were always a step away, so we retained our privacy without feeling neglected.  The serving staff speak good English, and make it their mandate to explain the menu to you in detail, something that first-time visitors to Vietnam will be grateful for.   Great thought had also gone into their food presentation and explanation of dishes, including the ingredients used, the use of rice paper and the methods of wrapping and the sauces to go with the food.  It is a most thoughtful gesture which displays the restaurant’s sensitivity to the needs of foreigners who have no understanding of local gourmet.

And here’s our dinner for the night:

Iced Sugarcane (USD $1.90) and Hanoi Sunset (USD $3.50) 

Vietnamese Crispy Spring Roll (USD $4.20) as a starter.  Vietnamese Spring Rolls are one of Vietnam’s most famous exports and naturally one of the the top must-try foods in Vietnam.  They come in two versions – steamed or fried.  Our tantalizing fried spring rolls came with a full basket of condiments, garnishes and sauces.

Cha Ca La Vong (USD $8.50) and Vietnamese Grilled Beef (USD $7.80), both are main dishes. Cha Ca La Vong consists of snakehead (a type of fish with smooth meat) fried and marinated in turmeric.  It is best eaten with fresh vermicelli (fine rice noodles), peanuts, spring onions and carrots all wrapped and rolled in Vietnam’s special rice paper.  Dip it into the specially concocted sweet and sour sauce for a more zesty flavour.

To end the day on a sweet note, we ordered desserts to share – New Zealand Ice-cream (USD $1.80) and Home-made Ice-cream (USD $1.90).

Reasonable Low Price

For a five star service at a top restaurant, the cost of USD $29.60 for a 3-course ala carte meal for 2 persons was unbelievably low.   The Gourmet Corner Restaurant leaves such a lasting positive image in our minds and we cannot help but lament our lack of time to come back for more.

Tip:  If you intend to head to the Gourmet Corner Restaurant, remember to make a reservation with them, for seats are limited.

Click here for the full menu of the Gourmet Corner Restaurant or visit its website for the latest promotions and how to get there.

The Gourmet Corner Restaurant
Hanoi Elegance Diamond Hotel
Rooftop – 32 Lo Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel   : (+84-4) 3935 1632   Ext. 1205
Fax  : (+84 4) 3935 1636
Email: [email protected]

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