Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we make a trip to the beautiful Tegallalang Rice Teraces.

Ubud Rice Field at Tegalalang – Must Visit in Bali

Our final destination for our private tour was at Tegalalang Rice Terraces located at Ubud.

Known for its breathtaking scenery framed by coconut trees, Tegalalang rice terraces is sometimes also called the most famous rice terrace in Bali.  For this reason, we had to jostle with the tourist crowd for a good photo spot.

Lots of little cafes and souvenir shops line the viewing platform opposite the Tegalalang rice terraces.

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I am sure there is a path that leads to the rice terraces from our photo-taking spot, because we’ve seen tourists exploring the terraces. But we just couldn’t find it and because we were hard pressed for time to get back to our lodgings at the Bhavana Private Villas to get ready for the night’s dinner, we had to give that a miss.

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Uluwatu Temple – Spectacular View in Bali

If you have no intention of exploring the terraces by foot, a time budget of half an hour would be sufficient to take in the splendid views of the Tegalalang rice terraces.

Join us next as we enjoy a candle-lit dinner at the Breeze Restaurant at Samaya Villas.

First published on 2 Feb 2015
Last updated on 30 Dec 2018

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