Finally, the highlight of the day!  As a final treat to ourselves, we were scheduled to take a helicopter ride over the Canada Rockies!   This was to be our last attraction at the Canadian Rockies before we hit the town of Calgary.

Established since 1999, the Rockies Heli Canada has two operating sites, the Banff/Canmore Heliport (Kananaskis Base) and the Lake Louise/Jasper Heliport (Icefields Adventure Base).

The one we experienced was at Kananaskis Base which was nearer to Calgary.  For those who may find the landscape familiar, Kananaskis was the place where the film The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed.

There was going to be only one helicopter to service the entire group of us, so we had to take turns and board in groups of 5.   Each ride was going to take only 12 minutes as part of our package with the Rocky Mountaineer. There are longer options ranging from 20 to 55 minutes available for the aerial tours if you are going there on your own.

Map showing the various routes for the different packages.

But first, we were to be stand at a weighing platform to determine our sitting positions and make sure the helicopter is able to balance itself!

Our turn to be off in the air – it was the first helicopter ride of my life.

Tommy had the privilege to occupy the only front seat beside the pilot, and so he had the best views of all!

I never got to see all these controls at the back of the helicopter.

I could only presume that this was the Bow River since we were told that the Bow River would follow us from Banff all the way to Calgary.

It was raining lightly so everything looked wet and gloomy, but on a gloriously sunny day, this would look heavenly.

Only a helicopter ride would show us such a view of the lakes and valleys in the Canadian Rockies, so its well-worth the money to pay for.

Coming back to ground…

Seems like the area is also a grazing site for horses!

The helipad is in sight all too soon….

The helipad and our Brewster coach.

For those who are keen, you can purchase a photo of your experience on the helicopter.  The price is a little exorbitant as with the practice at other places of interest, but we did purchase one as a keepsake of this incredible experience.

One last look at the helicopter before we leave the place.

Join us next as we explore Calgary, the last Canadian destination in our Rocky Mountain trip.

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