Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we visited the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The King’s Garden at Rosenborg Castle

After our short stay at the Little Mermaid, it was time to move on to our next attraction – Rosenborg Castle.

How to get to Rosenberg Castle by Public Transport

From the bus stop at the Little Mermaid (Osterport st.), you will need to get on Bus 26 in the direction towards Ålholm Plads to get to the Rosenborg Castle. It is only 1 stop away and the bus stop to alight is Georg Brandes Plads, Parkmuseerne.

Important Note: Do note that Bus 26 in the opposite direction towards Sondre Frihavn also pulls in at the same bus stop! So do look at the sign on the bus before boarding!


Once alighted from the stop, you will need to walk a short walking distance, passing by two beautiful buildings on the way to Rosenberg Castle – The National Gallery of Denmark and the building of Danske Statsbaner, the largest train operating company in Denmark.

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Kongens Have – “The King’s Garden”

Kongens Have in Danish is translated as ‘The King’s Garden’.  From here onwards, we have entered into the premises of Rosenborg Castle.

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The King’s Garden – Oldest Royal Garden in Denmark

Established as the private gardens of King Christian IV, the park also contains many other historical buildings and monuments, including Rosenborg Barracks – home of the Royal Guards.

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Knight’s Path

One of my favourite part of the King’s Garden is this avenue of trees known as the Knight’s Path in the central part of the garden.  We were so lucky to be in the garden early to capture this photo with no human interference to spoil the natural beauty.

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The Hercules Pavilion

The Hercules Pavilion is one of those special monuments not to be missed.  In any case, it is very near to the Knight’s Path.

First sight of Rosenborg Castle peeking out through the trees. Rosenborg Castle is located in the north-western section of the park and is surrounded by a moat on three sides.

The walk up to Rosenborg Castle is the most romantic and scenic.  It feels like being in a fairy-tale.

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King Christian IV’s Rose Garden

King Christian IV’s Rose Garden at the foreground of the Castle is one of the most beautiful sights.

In the olden days, even the King had to grow his own fruits and vegetables in his garden! These days, the garden has become purely ornamental only.

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Rosenborg Castle Opening Hours

Rosenborg Castle only opens its doors to the public at 10am.  We were at the castle way before that and had the chance to take good uninterrupted photos of the castle and its surroundings before the crowd buzzed in.

Rosenborg Castle is surrounded by a moat, a wide ditch filled with water and intended as a defence against possible attack.  Today, it just lends to the beauty of the castle.

From this view, it almost looks like Cinderella Castle at Disneyland!  Makes me miss Orlando so much now.

Some of the olden sculptures guarding the castle.

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Walk to the Rosenborg Castle

The only way to Rosenborg Castle is through this link bridge, somewhere at the side of the castle.

At the grounds of the Rosenborg Castle.

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Copenhagen Card

Our Copenhagen card covers entry to Rosenberg Castle, but the most stupid thing was that despite this, we still had to join the queue with the rest of the crowd to exchange for entry tickets.   It is a rather silly system that increases the amount of work that their staff had to do, and also dramatically increases the number of people in the queue.

Ticket prices for who those who do not have a Copenhagen card.

If we had known we needed to queue for tickets, we would have joined the queue earlier.

Oh, and another point.  Bags are not allowed entry in the castle, so you need to pay 20 KR for a locker.  It is another of those silly things here, because having landed freshly on Danish land, we only had notes and bills with us and not coins!

Despite having a Copenhagen card, we still had to go through the hustle and bustle of gaining entry into the castle.  It took up quite a lot of our precious time before we could get a ticket and settle our bags.

Join us next as we explore the interior of Rosenborg Castle.

First published 15 Mar 2016
Last updated 13 Oct 2019

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