Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we visited Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle Treasury Guide

At Rosenborg Castle, the one thing you cannot miss are the Crown Jewels of Denmark on display at its treasury.

After exploring the interior of Rosenborg Castle, we took a long while to find the treasury where the crown jewels were kept. It took us some asking around to find that the most precious of the exhibits of Rosenborg Castle was actually located in an underground vault.

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Entrance to the Vault in Rosenborg Castle

The entrance to the vault is actually through the door in the centre of the picture which would bring us to the basement of the castle.  There must be very little rainfall in Copenhagen and therefore very little risk of flooding, for them to put their most precious items underground.

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Admission to the Treasury – Included in Tickets to the Rosenborg Castle

The guardians of the treasury.  Entrance to the treasury is covered by the admission tickets to Rosenborg Castle, but you do need the ticket stubs again to show that you had purchased the tickets.

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Storage of Wine in the Basement

Other than the crown jewels, wine are also kept in the basement of Rosenborg Castle.  The precious wine were previously kept in wooden barrels, and three of the oldest barrels belonged to King Christian IV’s mother, dating back to the 1590s!

During the course of the next few centuries since her time, the wine were doctored with other sugar-free wines, so that the new wine took on some of the character of the old wine.  The wine of Rosenborg Castle are said to be served only at the New Year banquet each year, and with the current consumption rate, are believed to last for the next 300 years!

Royal contraption for serving wine.  This one was made in the 1700s, more than 300 years ago!

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Weapon Room in Rosenborg Castle

The entire basement of Rosenborg Castle is actually divided into many rooms, each with a specific exhibit.  The wines of Rosenborg was one of those rooms.  The first room that we saw upon entrance was actually the one that contained weapons.

The core collection of these weapons was from…you guessed it – King Christian IV himself. His royal descendants subsequently added on to the collection, making sure that some of the weapons used in their wars were preserved.

Some of these weapons are ceremonial ones, with precious inscriptions.

A couple of revolvers, a gift from the then President of the United States Abraham Lincoln to King Frederik VII in 1861.

The Royal Figurine set.  Even the playthings of the royals are made of gold.  This set of figurines were part of the crown prince’s military education to practice strategy.

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Collection of Ivory and Amber

Yet another room is dedicated to the collection of ivory and amber.  Rosenborg Castle has an impressive collection of 700 pieces of artefacts of ivory or amber, but only about half are on display in this room.

One of the most eye-catching exhibits in the entire underground must be this riding gear used by King Christian IV himself, made for his coronation in 1596.

On display in the same room are several other intricate pieces.

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Rosenborg Castle Treasury – The Crown Jewels

At the basement of Rosenborg Castle, we finally came across this room situated at the far corner makes as ‘Treasury’.  This was what we came for!

If the rest of Rosenborg Castle was said to be crowded, then I do not know how to describe the sheer number of people here in this small room.   All of us came to see just one thing – the Crown Jewels of Denmark.

This was King Christian IV’s crown, made of gold, enamel, diamonds and pearls.  If you look carefully, you will find some well crafted figurines illustrating the virtues of a good ruler on the crown itself.

With so many precious stones and gems on it, I wonder how heavy this crown is!  This crown was last used by King Christian IV’s son, Frederik III in 1648.

Being able to examine the crown so closely is truly a privilege and a luxury.

A newer crown was made in the time of King Christian IV’s grandson King Christian V.  It looks a lot simpler and less heavy, doesn’t it?

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Sword of State

Another priceless treasure was King Christian III’s sword of state made in 1551!

The regalia of the King, consisting of an orb, a spectre and a sheath.

The Treasury is like a dream-come-true for women.  It has an incredible collection of jewellery, made of rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.  These collections were sometimes still worn by Denmark’s ruling monarch Queen Margrethe II.

These collections are so impressive, we’ll never even come close to finding something similar at the best jewellers.

The royal dining ware.

We could only gawk at the magnificence of the crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle, but we can at least buy a piece of memorabilia home with us at the souvenir shop.

Rosenborg Castle was the first former royal residence that we visited in our tour of the Baltics.  There were several more of such castles/palaces to visit in Copenhagen itself and at the next few ports of Sweden and Russia.

Join us next as we explore the Round Tower (Rundetaarn) in Copenhagen.

First published 22 Mar 2016
Last updated 27 Oct 2019

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