Shilin Night Market is the busiest and largest night market in Taipei. In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we bring you the best things to eat and buy at Shilin Night Market.

What to eat in Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Shilin Night Market in Taipei may have earned itself a reputation for being touristy, but it is still a wonderful place for eating and shopping. Despite being regular visitors to Taipei, we still find ourselves adding Shilin Night Market into our itinerary.

There are plenty of famous food here, amongst them are the Hao Da Da Chicken Cutlet (豪大大鸡排), also known as Hot Star; Fu Zhou Shi Zu Pepper Bun (福州世祖胡椒) which originates from Raohe Night Market; Oyster Omelettes and Stinky Toufu.

Shilin Night Market Taipei
The crowd at Shilin Night Market in Taipei

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Top Must Try Food and Must Buy Things at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

There’s lots of things to discover here. In this article, we will just focus on the things that we’ve discovered during our latest trip.

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1. Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian (南港老張燒餅店)

We chanced upon this shop located at the fringe of and noticed many locals queuing up. Curiosity dictates that we must give this a try and it sure was worth the time in the queue.

Shilin Night Market - Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian
The address and opening hours of Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian (南港老張燒餅店)

This shop sells items that are similar to Fuhang Doujiang.  Just like Fuhang Doujiang, their items are freshly baked with the traditional furnace in their shop.

Shilin Night Market - Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian
The open kitchen concept
Shilin Night Market - Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian
Traditional methods of making a Shao Bing

The best things to try here? We highly recommend the Sour Dough Salty Bread which is very unique and the Pepper Pork Cake. In terms of taste, we still prefer Fuhang Doujiang, but this comes at a close second.  So if you do not have time to go queue up at Fuhang Doujiang, this will be a good alternative.

Shilin Night Market - Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian Menu
The menu
Shilin Night Market - Nan Gang Lao Zhang Shao Bing Dian
Pepper Pork Cake
Sour Dough Salty Bread – Highly Recommended!

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2. Sour Gummies

I am a great fan of sour gummies but they have become more or less extinct in Singapore. Imagine my delight in finding a shop that specializes in all kinds of sour gummies and sweets. They are sold by weight and you can pick and choose and assortment in one packet. If you are a fan, don’t miss out on this!

Shilin Night Market Sour Gummies Shop
This shop is the one and only one that sells sour gummies!
Shilin Night Market Sour Gummies
There are so many to choose from
Each of them are charged by weight and you can pick an assortment of what you want

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3. Uma Hana Bags

These bags are not just waterproof, but they are light weight and comes in lots of great sizes, configurations, designs and colors. The brand originates from Taiwan. Although they are available in Singapore, they are a lot cheaper in Taiwan and you’ll get much more selections here. We’ve come across this shop in Taichung too. In Taipei, Shilin Night Market is one of the best place to buy these bags.

Shilin Night Market Uma Hana Bags
A good collection of Uma Hana bags

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4. Ri Yao Ben Pu (日藥本舖)

I’ve written extensively on the best skincare products to buy in Taiwan.  In that article, I’ve made recommendations to go to Little Three (小三美日), 86 shop (86 小舖), Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓), POYA (寶雅), and of course Cosmed (康是美) and Watsons to pick up these skincare products.

This time round, I’ve discovered Ri Yao Ben Pu (日藥本舖) which stocks lots of Japanese skincare products, as well Taiwan skincare products. It’s definitely worth going into this shop, because sometimes you’ll find items at massive discounts. I’ve picked up a few Dr Wu products at more than 50% off.  Ri Yao Ben Pu (日藥本舖) is available at other spots in Taipei such as Ximenting, but you’ll find a rather large one at Shilin Night Market.

Ri Yao Ben Pu at Shilin Night Market
Ri Yao Ben Pu is one of the best places in Taiwan to pick up skincare products

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5. Taiwanese Dessert at Shilin Night Market

There’s really lots of good food many of which are highly recommended by netizens. However, we prefer to try what the locals indulge in. This dessert stall by the fringe was not very noticeable, but we see the locals having it. It may not be the best dessert in Taiwan, but it’s still good and cheap!

Shilin Night Market Iced Dessert Stall
Iced dessert stall
My ice dessert eaten at the roadside

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How to Get to Shilin Night Market

Take the Tamsui-Xinyi Line (淡水信儀線) (RED LINE) towards Tamshui (淡水) and stop at Jiantan (劍潭) Station. You will need to cross the road and take on a 2-3 minutes walk.


We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning. We love to hear from you. Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

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