Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, we bring you to Marlands, one of the shopping centres in Southampton before your cruise.

The Marlands Shopping Centre – Southampton Shopping

Marlands Shopping Centre used to be the largest shopping centre in Southampton, until it was superseded by West Quay.

Unlike the West Quay Shopping Centre which houses mainly big brand names, Marlands Shopping Centre has relaxing cafes and specialist boutiques, including Southampton’s only officially licensed Disney store – my favourite shop in the whole of Marlands and Southampton.

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Disney Store in Southampton

I am officially jealous of the residents in the UK for the fact that they have so much Disney merchandise to choose from. The only Disney store in Southampton certainly lives up to its expectations.

My current obsession – Disney’s Frozen characters.  In fact, the collection here at Marlands was so much better than what we saw at Disney World at Orlando.

Regretted so much for not picking this miniature doll set.  Can’t find it anywhere in Singapore or anywhere else.

Wished I was a little girl again to fit into this Princess Anna dress!  It was so well-made and beautiful, and looked exactly the same as the movie.  It even comes with its own dress cage to hold out the silhouette of the skirt.

My favourite is still the Princess Elsa dresses – sleek and beautiful.  They cost a small fortune though – 59 euros (40 pounds) for a dress.

Even the latest Cinderella movie merchandise is here!  This was Cinderella’s wedding dress in the movie.

The golden couple looked a bit grouchy, don’t they?

So many pretty things to buy, but constrained by tight budget.

Was really tempted to get this as well – Frozen Fever dolls, and they were not too expensive either. Good thing about the Disney store was that they accept payment in Euros as well. So depending on which exchange rates cuts a better deal, you may end up paying slightly lesser.

So pretty, aren’t they?

I got a similar Elsa and Anna doll at Orlando some time back.

My new favourite Disney character is Olaf!

Ow, so cute!!

In another shop at Marlands Shopping Centre, we did find a shop that specialises in party supplies that sells disney character costumes as well.  But they were of a much lower quality.

That sums up the best that you could get at Marlands Shopping Centre.  Just across from the Marlands Shopping Centre was a large greenery area consisting of a few parks.

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Go for a stroll in the Park near the Marlands

We went to the one called Palmerston Park for a walk.

Always loved such statues, although I really have no idea who this one represents.

These flower balls are something that we seldom get to see in Singapore.  But the hot summer sun was causing most of them to dry and wilt.

Join us in our next article as we enjoy a cup of gelato at Sprinkles.

First published 12 Jan 2016
Last updated 18 Aug 2019

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