Once we were safely tucked away in our temporary abode at the YWCA Hotel Vancouver, it was time to hit the streets for some shopping!  Just a short walk away from the YWCA Hotel Vancouver was Robson Street, the city’s best known shopping precinct.   From upscale fashion shops to international brands and departmental stores, little cafes to famous chains, Robson Street is definitely the place to shop, dine and drink.

In fact, just steps away from the YWCA Hotel Vancouver, I discovered my personal favourite brand of coffee – Waves Coffee House, which is available only in Canada.  My first encounter with it on our first day back in Vancouver left me craving for more of their aromatic coffee for the rest of the days!  Highly recommended for anyone visiting Vancouver!

Hard to miss the Vancouver Art Gallery if you are walking along Robson Street.  Best place for photography.

One of the cutest finds along Robson Street is this shop called the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  They really are too cute to be eaten.

Lots of chocolates and candies to entice us also.

Robson Street does look like our Orchard Road, doesn’t it?

In this posh shopping street, our favourite department store was Winners – a store selling big brand names for less.  There are several of these stores throughout Canada, and worth a visit.  If you are lucky, you may be able to pick out some pretty good deals.

Being the beauty junkie I am, how could I ever resist walking into Sephora!  In fact, prices for American brands such as Philosophy,  Fresh and Kiehl’s are all much cheaper in Canada.  However, note that tax rates in British Columbia (of which Vancouver is a part of) has a high tax rate of 12%, whereas some other provinces such as Alberta has a much lower rate of 5%.  I made the mistake of not doing my homework and paid the price for it, when I could have waited to make the same purchases in Calgary at a lower tax rate.

We were quite thrilled to find a Japanese store at Robson Street which carries much more than what we could find in Singapore.

At some points along Robson Street, we could even see the harbour!

Robson Street is one of the best places to shop in Vancouver, and can be easily covered within a day.

Join us next as we venture to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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