Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, we bring you to the best shopping areas in Southampton before your cruise.

Best Shopping Areas in Southampton City Centre

The main shopping district of Southampton City is centered on the main High Street (Above Bar Street, part of which is pedestrianised), London Road, High Street and East Street.

In fact, West Quay Shopping Mall occupies a central position in the shopping street, with entrances on the main High Street, on Portland Terrace.

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Above Bar Street – Ultimate Shopping in Southampton

The Above Bar Street area has many boutiques and cafes that makes for the ultimate shopping experience.

The West Quay Shopping Centre opens out to a vibrant main High Street.

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Asian Food (Chinese and Thai) in Southampton

In this small town of Southampton, we can even find Chinese food and Thai food in the same street!

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Primark – Best and Cheap Shopping

One of those shops at Above Bar Street which left me coming back for more is Primark which guarantees discount fashion and accessories items at competitive pricing and good quality.  In fact, this is our second brush with Primark, the first being at Watford Junction a few years back en route to Iceland.

One of the reasons why we loved Primark so much is because we can get fashionable movie-themed clothes there without paying a bomb for it. For instance, favouries such as the Minions, Frozen, Harry Potter, and Disney are all available at 5-10 pounds each!

Basics and staples also available at cheap prices.

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Bargate and Fortress Walls – Historical Landmark in Southampton

Near to where Primark is, you can’t miss this historical Bargate in the Southampton City Centre at Above Bar Street.  This is perhaps the most defining monument in Southampton City, an icon built during medieval times which served as part of the Southampton walls, and now used as the main gateway to the city, and of course, a photography spot for tourists like ourselves.

In fact, if you have the time to explore the further parts of Southampton beyond the boundaries of the main shopping streets, you would find remnants of other parts of the fortress walls in Southampton City.

Beyond the gates of Bargate was the run-down Bargate Shopping Mall and East Street Shopping.

It is also the area of the Old Town, and many walking tours of the Old Town starts from Bargate. The Old Town is known to have over 90 listed buildings and more than 30 ancient monuments such as medieval churches, Georgian houses and medieval walls.

In fact, Southampton is known to have the most complete medieval town walls in the United Kingdom,  many of which were built in stages over the span of 300 years.

The Saint Michael’s church was one of those medieval buildings.  Founded in 1070, it is the oldest building still in use today in the city of Southampton.

Join us next as we explore Marlands Shopping Centre and its surroundings.

First published 5 Jan 2016
Last updated 18 Aug 2019

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