Tallinn is such a shopping haven, you are bound to find something to bring home.  It helps also that the currency they use is the ubiquitous Euro, unlike places like Russia and our upcoming port of call – Poland which uses currency only recognised in their country which we were unlikely to visit again after this cruise.

Out of all the ports of call, Tallinn is considered to be the place where things are a lot more affordable too!

Other than the cobbled streets of the Tallinn Old Town, the next best place for shopping is the area around Viru Square, which consists of a market and a more modern shopping centre called Viru Centre.

Hard to miss these two towers which forms the gateway to Viru Square.

The marketplace at Viru Square.

Always impressed by the variety and beauty of the flowers available outside Asia.

My favourite shopping venue must be Viru Centre, because of the reprieve it offers from the sweltering summer heat outside.

Inside the Viru Centre, we find some international brand names shops, as well as local departmental stores.

Decided to check out the local coffee chain in Tallinn. The coffee is definitely not the best in the world but was decidedly better than Russia. At least we get some free wifi to catch up on emails and news after been deprived on the ship! 🙂

Looks too lovely to be eaten.  They look better than they taste actually.

Chanced upon a chinese restaurant in Viru Centre, but they are so freaking expensive and the menu looked utterly un-appetizing.  Not about to waste my time here.

Outside, the blazing afternoon sun continues to shine down on us, but the rest of the tourist population seems to be enjoying their sun tan at the outdoor cafes.

As we made our way back to the Old Town and back to the Caribbean Princess, it was time to do some amber shopping!  This was my favourite part of the trip, because after all, the Baltic is famous for its amber.

Amber jewellery shops like these are everywhere in Tallinn.

A piece of good amber of homogenous consistency and colour can cost thousands of dollars, but a moderate piece will cost less than 100 euros, depending on its cut, size and quality.  If you are looking for a moderate piece of amber jewellery, the recommendation is to find one in Tallinn, because prices are the cheapest among the ports of call. They are relatively cheap in Poland as well, but you won’t want to be walking around with large amounts of Polish Zloty because the currency is quite useless elsewhere.

Time for souvenir shopping before we head back to the Caribbean Princess. Ceramics and wood carvings are the best things to get in Tallinn.

Plenty of Russian dolls and souvenirs here in Tallinn too.  If only we had known…prices here are cheaper than in Russia….

This Marzipan shop in Tallinn Old Town is worth visiting!  It may be the only one in Tallinn (at least, this was the only one we found), and it features the most beautiful Marzipan artwork ever seen, even better than what we saw in Bruges.

I am so in love with these Disney characters marzipan!  They look way too good to be eaten!

They are not too expensive either, but I just cannot find it in my heart to eat them.

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Join us next as we sail to our last port of call – Poland.

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