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Here are the best of Singapore Travel Blogs:

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TravelerFolio by Eunice

Eunice publishes travel stories, itineraries and tips on TravelerFolio. Created in 2008, the region’s leading travel blog is the window to amazing places. She has been on the judging panel for OMY Singapore Blog Awards since 2012. She was the panel speaker for ‘Power Influencers in Asia Pacific’ at the Social Media Week event held in Hong Kong.

WanderLex by Alex

Meet Alex, a late-blooming wanderluster, flashpacker, traveller, travel blogger in his 30s from ever-sunny and humid Singapore.

Save & Travel by Gelo Yap

Gelo has been a contributor to travel blogs of his friend. In 2014, he decided to set up his own blog site to encourage every one to be prudent in their travel expenses and still be able to enjoy the experience of traveling around the world.

把我的脚印留在世界各地 by rainy_girl84

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Alice Travelogue by alicesg

Alice enjoyed blogging and shopping and travelling and taking photos of the places that she visited. Enjoying travelling free and easy if possible cause it gives us the freedom to choose where we want to visit and skip those that not suitable for her, as she not in very sporty or too strenous journey as hubby and her are in our fifties. Not young anymore but really very young at heart lol.

Travel . Snap . Stories by Cat & Vin

Meet Cat and Vin, who love exploring and visiting new places locally and overseas. They share their travel stories and experiences, travelling with their children Dar and Ling. Their itineraries are mainly of Nature, Historical, Cultural Places, adding on some Fun places for kids!”

The Furious Panda by Red

Meet Red, a thirty something living in Singapore. He is what you would call a travel fan. Fanatic. He want to see everything, experience everything. There is so much to see and do, and nothing gives him more satisfaction. : Artist . Traveller . Storyteller by Priscilla

Priscilla started this blog back in 2006 to share photos with friends and family, before there was even Facebook. She writes in both English and Chinese language. The majority of her blog will be on travel, especially on be how to plan and travel to America.

The Heng Family Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Barry & Phobe

Meet a simple family (Daddy Barry, Mommy Phoebe, Denver and Gladys), whose blog title came from the initials of our first name, (BPDG). BPDGTravels is a family travel and lifestyle blog featuring the different countries and places they have visited. They are always on a learning journey, experiencing life and enjoying family time together in the midst of their hectic busy schedules.

A&FENTURAS – From the deep south to the Andean high by A & F

Meet A & F, two adventurous beings, Singaporeans who found the world in each other and share a love of the sea, sun and traveling.

Shiny Visa – Travel & Lifestyle Blog in Asia by Nicole

Meet Nicole who shares her travel experiences around the world. This blog will bring the world to you and make your trip easier and more fun by sharing about the great travel deals, local restaurants & food and travel tips.

Escapes from the Little Red Dot by Zi Yi

Meet Zi Yi, who feels great pleasure getting away from the stress in Singapore and the sea of people to see the world. His wife and him have been to many places and he started this blog to jot down interesting events that have happened. He has included the itineraries that have started to change from being a couple only travel to being more family friendly (oriented) post 2014.

Let’s Go – Other adventures by Aaron

Meet Aaron, from Singapore, who started travelling while he was on exchange in Europe back in 2014, and have since been hooked. Hoping to document some of these travels here, So that he can look back one day and reminisce all the great times he had, and hopefully be able to provider useful information to others hoping to visit the places he had, as well as (hopefully) inspire others to explore our amazing world as well.

Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars by honeystars

Follow My Footsteps will help to answer all your queries with regards to planning your dream holiday!  Taiwan| USA| Bangkok|South Korea|Europe|Hong Kong

go away, sam – a photo travel blog by Samantha

Hi, meet Samantha who loves travelling & travel photography. Right now, her fav cities are Kyoto, Paris & Venice. She would love to go Maldives next though. 🙂

Guitar 123 – Singapore Food and Travel Blog by Mr Guitar 123

A Blog about Food and Travel – just a normal SG guy, blessed with a wonderful family.

Everyday Im Travelling by Chan Yu Zhen 詹玉珍

A girl who always feel that planning for a free and easy trip is a very long tedious frustrating process but will have a sense of achievement and satisfaction after the trip. She hopes that this blog will help her readers ease a little pain for their holiday planning ^.^

Bel Around the World by Isabel Leong

Meet Isabel, a blogger pulling from her own world travels and lessons, she give tips on how to make use of student travel perks and stretch every penny she has while travelling experientially. 🙂

Asiaphotostock by Michael Smith

British born Mike Smith is a Permanent Resident of Singapore. He is a full time travel writer & photographer & owns a stock photography web site featuring people, places & nature of Asia.

Worldstreetjournal – A Singaporean traveling the pale blue dot by Xichen

Meet Xichen from National University of Singapore, who likes to write about her travels with a focus on history and music.

Koala Travels the World by Xin’en

Meet Xin’en, who quits the corporate world in search of a new adventure and chasing her dream of travelling the world.

My Turn to Travel by Owen

Meet Owen, who caught the travel bug since a Bali trip in 2014. He believes that the planet is such a beautiful place and we are all placed here to discover the beauty of nature and the beauty of different cultures. The day he booked a one-way ticket to Brazil with no return date, he decided to travel slowly and fully immerse in the local culture of each of the South American countries. This is a  record of his journey from the perspective of a Singaporean.

The Petite Wanderess by Kristine Li

Meet Kristine Li, a petite lady borned and raised in Singapore. Started in Nov 2015, The Petite Wanderess travel blog was intended to curate travel wonders she has come across, in the form of intriguing cities, art & design that inspires, cultures, and experiences. Through words and the photos she takes, the blog features unique places of interest, wonderfully designed hotels, travel guides and more.

The Travel Intern by Henric

The Travel Intern is a Singapore-based community of storytellers and explorers. Whether it’s through writing, photography, or filmmaking, we hope to inspire you to seek that new experience. It could be a country on your bucket list, a city that intrigues you, or a dish you’ve never tried. Anything that’s a new slice of the world!

Rambling Feet by Nicholas

Meet Nicholas (Nico), a former designer in his late twenties who stubbornly refuses to settle down, not while there are many beautiful experiences to be had around the world. Hence “My Rambling Feet”.

Vangoh’s Travelogue: Hidden Charms of South Korea by Vanessa

Meet Vanessa, a history undergraduate with her blog on Korea! Her love affair with Korea started in 2012 and she has been engulfed in its passion since. Her avid love for East Asian history led her to take up a course on history in Korea. One thing led to another and she soon found herself falling head over heels with the place.

Lovey Loi – Musings of a Travelling Carebear by Lovey Loi

A Carebear with skills akin to Cupid, but to be honest, have been bit lazy with these skills since living in Singapore from 2003 with her owner Y. Now she indulges in lots of travelling and eating, which are her 2 favourite passions. All she can say is she is so glad I met Y and her husband R, she couldn’t wish for a better life 🙂 This blog is all about her, her musings, her ins, her outs, her arounds and abouts in Singapore and round the world. Through her blog you would be able to see her world through her big cute eyes.

The Occasional Traveller by Jaclynn Seah

Jaclynn Seah is The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean girl with a full-time day job who loves to travel. She started in 2010 to encourage fellow deskbound wanderlusters like herself to remember to take that time off and get away, even as they labour away in their daily lives. She is always looking forward to that next trip!

Sunrise Odyssey by Daniel & Gina

Meet Daniel and Gina, two asian travellers who are both ravenous for adventure and endlessly excited about discovering the world through travel. Determined to not lead a typical Singaporean life, they’ve decided to take a step out of their comfort zone and to seek off the beaten path destinations to experience life to the fullest. by Alvin & Nicole

Meet Alvin and Nicole, whose passion drives them to travel, their love for the world makes them want to share the beauty that comes with it.

The T List by Pei

Meet Pei, a runaway blogger who decided to abandon her 7-year old beauty and fashion blog in a whim and started the T List, a Singapore-based travel blog that compiles destination information, experiences and tips. T is… Travel, Trip, Trotting, Transit, Tour, Trail.

Irene’s Travel Blog by Irene

Meet Irene, who loves to travel around the world. Her ancestor is from CHINA. She is “Made In Singapore”, a proud product of Singapore, love and enjoy the land here. Occasionally, she stays in PARIS – one of her favorite countries.

Ultra Wide Life by Ankur

Meet Ankur, an Indian native, who is amazed by this Beautiful World. He loves traveling to off beat places, photography and blogging!Whenever he could manage he try to sneak in for a trip to some of the amazing places in this world.

Travel Bugs by Paulo & Alison

Meet Paulo and Alison who love traveling around the world to experience different cultures and foods. They love the Sunrise and Sunset views and will always try to see them at different locations.

Travel Inspiration 360 – To Inspire & Be Inspired by Keith

Inspired by his father, Keith is a typical Singaporean who loves travelling, not just to mainstream countries, but also to exotic places by himself. He enjoys taking photos and captioning them with famous or self-created quotes to share with his friends on his Facebook and travel blog. His blog also functions as his online travel journal and serves as his inspiration to write more. by Tom & Kate

Meet Tom and Kate who started – a Singapore Travel Blog where they can share their travel experiences and create an online avenue for themselves to remember all their trips.

Adventures with Family by Rosie

Meet Rosie and her family of five who love going on new adventures in Singapore and around the world. By sharing their travels, trip itineraries and planning tips, they hope to inspire more families to explore the world together.

A Girl & A Bald Traveller by The Bald Guy & Girl Girl

Follow the adventures of a Singaporean couple who attempt to travel the world without breaking the bank or quitting their jobs.

I Wander by The Wanderer

The Wanderer is a male 20-something originally from the Philippines but currently alternating between Singapore and Manila. Having the Lion City as his base is very conducive for traveling – the airport has over 300 direct air connections worldwide. Add to that a multitude of budget airlines that are incessantly expanding their route networks and you’ve got the perfect formula for getaways on a shoestring.

The Castien Co by Terry & Friends

Meet Terry and his group of friends with a passion for experiencing life to the fullest. Be it traversing the farthest reaches of the globe, or trying out some little-known food haunts hidden away in Singapore, they bring you real and personal experiences. Armed with their wits and a trusty DSLR, they are always on the lookout for interesting places and activities. Food, travel and entertainment keeps them going, but ultimately, it is the company that matters.

Travelvoila by Don

Meet Donovan (or Don in Short). Born in Singapore and currently based in France. Authentic Chinese – Must eat rice one. As they plan their trips along the way, they realize there are websites that does not have the full information. So in Travelvoila, they try to include as much information as possible.

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