Getting from Taipei Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City is relative easy via public transport. If you have been following our blog, you would have noted that we have taken the conventional bus route from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Station at the start of our trip.

For our return trip from the city to the airport, we decided to try another option, which is to take the high speed rail followed by a short shuttle transfer bus.

You could purchase your tickets online before your trip, like we did. If you buy them online, you could enjoy discounts as part of the early bird promotion. Our tickets cost NTD $110 each (SGD $5).

If not, you can buy the tickets over the counter or through the self service ticketing vending machine at Taipei Train Station.

High Speed Rail Ticket Counter (Credits: KKday)
HSR Ticket Vending Machine (Credits:

Once you have bought your tickets, you can then proceed to the waiting area.

Once on board, look out for your seats. Your seat number is printed on the ticket. We are in Car 5, seat numbers 12D and 12E.

We took the 12 pm high speed rail from Taipei Station on a weekday and it was relatively empty.

Time flies fast, and before we could admire the scenery, we have reached Taoyuan High Speed Rail in just 19 minutes.

Once you have reached Taoyuan High Speed Rail station, just follow the crowd as most passengers are also transferring to the bus that will bring you to the airport.

The bus that you should be taking is Ubus 705.

You can buy your tickets before you board the bus from the counter.

A single trip to the airport cost NTD $30 (SGD $1.30).

Boarding the bus. The journey from Taoyuan High Speed Rail station to the airport takes around 15 minutes.

It took us less than an hour to get from Taipei Station to the airport – shorter than our bus ride from the airport to the city. However, there is slight inconvenience as you will need to drag your luggage when you transfer from the high speed rail to the shuttle bus.

So both options have their own pros and cons – so which one you prefer? 🙂

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