Our 3rd stop at the Taroko National Park after Qingshui Cliffs and Shakadang was the Eternal Spring Shrine (Chang Chun Si 長春寺).

The Eternal Spring Shrine is often said to be one of the most popular and picturesque point at Taroko National Park, with the view of the mountains and a natural waterfall.

Nestled in the mountains, the architectural style of the Eternal Spring Shrine was modelled after a Tang Dynasty temple.

Viewing the Eternal Spring Shrine from a distance.  That was the closest that a vehicle could get to the shrine.  The rest of the journey to the shrine had to be traveled by foot.

Natural spring water empties into the Liwu River below through the front of the shrine.

The Eternal Spring Shrine was actually built to commemorate the 200 over workers who lost their lives while constructing the Central Cross-Island Highway in the 1950s.

This little remembrance shrine is set up in a small cave with statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas and is the first stop en-route to the Eternal Springs Shrine.

Outside this remembrance cove is actually one of the best places to view the scenic beauty surrounding the Eternal Springs Shrine.

Rockfalls are a common occurrence at the Taroko Gorge.

Start of the trek to Eternal Springs Shrine.

From a distance, the trek actually looks like this – just like cutting through the mountains.

Finally reached the Eternal Springs Shrine after a 5-minutes brisk walk. We had to walk fast – because our private tour guide only gave us 30 – 45 minutes to spend here before hurrying us off to the next destination.

Doesn’t it look like the Chinese Garden in Singapore?

Eternal Spring Shrine was incredibly crowded, as most tour buses would definitely make a stop here.

The place where natural spring waters tumbles down to the Liwu River below.

Behind the Eternal Springs Shrine, up a flight of snaking stairs, there is another long trail leading to the Guanyin cave, Taroko Tower, Bell Tower, a suspension bridge, and Changguan Temple.  That trail is said to be more than 2km long, but our attempt to access this trail stopped at the top of this flight of stairs when we realized how much longer we had to walk.  Impossible in a half hour time frame!

A fact that we noticed at the Taroko Gorge – they like to paint their bridges engine red. The first time we see such a bridge was at Shakadang, now we are seeing it at this newly built passenger bridge at Eternal Springs Shrine.

This bridge is called the Chang Chun Qiao (長春橋).  It was such a good photo-taking spot that people are risking their lives standing on the road meant for vehicles rather than keeping to the pedestrian part of it.

The history of the Chang Chun Si area, in construction terms.

Join us next as we travel to the Swallow Grotto (Yan Zi Kou 燕子口) at the Taroko Gorge.

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