We were supposed to head further to the Tiansiang Scenic Area (天祥風景區), but the main attraction which is the Tunnel of Nine Turns (九曲洞) was closed for refurbishment works, and as nightfall comes early in winter, we were advised to head back to town earlier for safety reasons.

To compensate us for that, our tour guide made a stop at the Buluowan Recreation Area on the return route –  our last stop at the Taroko Gorge, before we headed back to the Hotel Bayview Hualien. Buluowan means the ‘echo of the canyon’ and used to be a tribal village of the aborigines who live in the Taroko Gorge.

Buluowan Recreation Area consists of an upper and lower terrace.  The difference between the two are a 30-metre height difference, accessible either by a walking trail, or by vehicle.

The lower terrace of Buluowan is known as the Buluowan Service Station, and houses the Tourist Centre of Taroko National Park.

The most prominent feature in this service station is its hourly movie on the history and culture of the Truku tribe, and the handicraft museum which displays life-sized scenes of the Truku tribe that was featured in the movie.

Movie screening hours.  The movie lasts only about 20 minutes.

At the tourist centre, there are also exhibits which would help you understand more about the tribe. We would recommend that you watch the movie first before visiting the exhibits as you can then identify and appreciate the various exhibits, which would have appeared in the movie.

Enjoying the scenery and fresh air at the Buluowan Service Centre.

At Meander Core Park, opposite Buluowan Service Centre.

The viewing platforms at the Meander Core Park gives us a bird’s eye view of the misty mountains, the Liwu River and its valley – the only place at Buluowan to do so.

Besides its scenic platforms, Meander Core Park also has got more nature trails!  Honestly, after the long hike at Shakadang, we didn’t feel like doing more walking.

At the upper terrace of Buluowan Recreation Area, where the Leader Village Taroko Hotel is located. Our tour guide insisted on driving us up here when he spotted the Cherry Blossoms.

Besides the hotels, the upper terrace of Buluowan was developed as a residential area and restaurants and convention facilities are provided.

It was around 4:30 pm when we hopped back to the cab for the return trip to Hualien city.  En-route, we passed by Swallow Grotto and the Eternal Springs Shrine which we have visited earlier in the day. We were relieved for having avoided the horrific traffic jams made up by tour buses and the thousands of tourists they bring.

Join us next as we bring you to the Seven Stars Lake (七星潭).

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Classic Day tour to Taroko Gorge, Hualien

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