The Seven Stars Lake (七星潭) is one of the star (pun-intended) attractions at the Taroko Gorge National Park.  As it is located at the doorstep of our hotel – Hotel Bayview, we could walk out to it anytime we wished.

Our first sight of the Seven Stars Lake, from the window of the cab, on the way to Hotel Bayview.

The Seven Stars Lake actually has a good cycling track around it – much faster to explore the various angles of the lake on wheels rather than by foot.  In fact, at the Hotel Bayview, bicycles are loaned out to guests free of charge, provided that weather conditions are decent, for safety reasons.

Watching sunrise at the Seven Stars Lake – one of the advantages of staying nearby.

In the early morning, there were hardly anyone else around, except for some fellow hotel guests. Other than Qingshui Cliffs, the Seven Stars Lake is to me the next most beautiful place at the Taroko Gorge.

Besides the Hotel Bayview, the next nearest accommodations would be Wang Hai Lou Min Su (望海樓民宿).  Wang Hai Lou is also managed by the same owners of Hotel Bayview.

Our lodgings at the Hotel Bayview.  Our balcony at the hotel overlooks the Seven Stars Lake – we could stay there to continue watching the sunrise if we chose to. How lucky, right?

Join us next as we savour the delights of street food at Hualien – Jin San Jiao and Ziqiang Night Market.

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Classic Day tour to Taroko Gorge, Hualien

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