It was an exciting day today, for we were to leave Jasper town, travel further within the Jasper National Park and cross into another national park – the Banff National Park, to reach our final destination for the day – the much-anticipated Lake Louise.   En-route, we were to have a scenic stop at Athabasca Falls, visit the Columbia Icefield, ride the Ice Explorer that would bring us to the Athabasca Glacier and visit Bow Lake, before reaching Lake Louise in the late afternoon.   That sounds like a lot to accomplish within a day!

Part of our journey on the Brewster coach included passing through these forested areas, and that’s where the fun comes in when we managed to spot an animal or two.

The journey through Jasper National Park was incredibly scenic – I wouldn’t want to close my eyes for a single moment.

The Athabasca River which runs quite dry at this time of the year.  The Athabasca Falls were just a 30-min drive away from where we stayed at the Marmot Lodge.

As with the half day tour at Jasper National Park, we were given time to explore the Athabasca Falls by ourselves, and it was great, because there were walking trails and viewing platforms that we would like to discover on our own.

The walking trails can get quite slippery due to the large amount of spray coming from the waterfall.

The amazing Athabasca Falls.  The Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park is not the highest (it is only 23 metres high) nor is it the widest, but it is said to be the most powerful due to the large quantity of water falling into the gorge below.

I must add that the Athabasca Falls must have been the most picturesque waterfall in Jasper National Park too!

This would have given you an idea of the power of the Athabasca Falls.

Constant erosion of the limestone rock surface has given rise to this natural sculpture of indescribable beauty.

See the various viewing platforms of the Athasbasca Falls in this picture?

Another great viewing platform at the edge of the cliff.

The canyon below the Athabasca Falls is a picture of calm and serenity, nothing like the turbulence of its upstream counterpart.

As we left the Athasbasca Falls on our way to the Columbia Icefields, we managed to spot a roaming black bear from the safety of our coach.  We were so lucky because bears were not all that common yet in early spring – It was the highlight of our journey across the Jasper National Park, and our only sighting of a bear during our two weeks’ stay in Canada.

Join us next as we explore the Columbia Icefields and Athasbasca Glacier.

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Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book


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