Going to Perth? In this installment of our Perth Travel Guide Series, we bring you to the Bell Tower, one of Perth’s most unique attractions.

Bell Tower – Must See Tourist Attractions in Perth

The Bell Tower is one of the icons of Perth city, housing the Swan Bells, one of the world’s largest musical instruments.  Located on Riverside Drive overlooking the picturesque Swan River, the 82.5m Bell Tower is one of Perth’s most unique and must see tourist attractions.

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Walking Distance from Perth City

The Bell Tower was actually within walking distance from the Mercure Perth where we stayed at.  In the early morning, we began a leisurely walk towards the Bell Towers, enjoying the early morning cityscapes as we do so.

At the park near the Perth Concert Hall.  Never had the chance to explore this part of Perth City because we were so caught up with the day tours for the past few days.

Saint George’s Cathedral.  Only 2 streets away from the Mercure Perth.

To get to the Bell Tower, we had to cut through a large patch of greenery, containing the Government House, Stirling Gardens, Council House Gardens, Supreme Court of Australia and its Gardens, Supreme Courts Gardens, before reaching Bell Towers at Barrack Square.

First sight of the Bell Tower.  Our leisurely walk from the Mercure Perth took us about 20 minutes to get to the Bell Tower.

Discover Book Travel Tip:

Get your free copy of the Hello Perth booklet at the Airport or at your hotel.  Inside this booklet are discount coupons that you could use for various places of attractions in Perth city.   Entrance fee to the Bell Tower was AUD14 per adult, but we got a hefty discount of AUD5 off per person using these coupons.

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Get your Lock Locks at Bell Tower

One of the things to do at the Bell Tower – purchase and attach Love Locks at the right side entrance to the Bell Tower.

Apparently, Love Locks originated from China, where people would put their locks on chains at the Great Wall of China.  This romantic practice have since spread to other parts of the world, such as South Korea, Japan, Hungary, Russia, parts of USA and now, Perth.  Couples would engrave their names on the locks and attach them to chains or fences, symbolising that their love was locked and would last forever.

At the Bell Tower, Love Locks can be purchased for AUD$30.  Unfortunately, while we were there, the surroundings of the Bell Tower was undergoing renovations and there was no opportunity to attach the locks.

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Take the Lift to the Highest Level for the Best View of Perth

At 10 am, we were the first up the Bell Tower when it opened for the day.  We chose to take the lift to the highest level – Level 6 and descend down from there.  Level 6 is where the observation deck is – the best place in Perth to get a panoramic view of the city.

The view of the Swan River is the best from this spot.

The Barrack Street Jetty is just next to the Bell Tower.  This is one of the jetty where the Rottnest Express would depart for Rottnest Island.

At the top floor is also a sky bridge that goes around part of the perimeter of the Bell Tower.  It is the best place in Perth for getting that panoramic view of the city.

Lots of construction works going on around the Bell Tower and the harbour area. Perth had plans to transform the harbour front area into a dining and entertainment centre just like other cities.

That’s what it should look like after the construction.

From Present to Future – the plan to build an inlet to reconnect the city with the river.

Total transformation from this.

From the skybridge, we could see as far as Kings Park and Botanic Gardens – places that we didn’t have time to visit.

A little scary looking down at the platform where we were standing.  We were 6 storeys up in the sky.

Another angle of Perth City from the skybridge.  That’s where the Mercure Perth and the Perth CBD was.

The Observation Deck of the Bell Tower was the part worth spending the most amount of time at.

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The Swan Bells

From one floor down – Level 5 and below onwards, get ready to see why the Bell Tower was named as such.

Looking in on the huge machineries of the Swan Bells.

Those with musical background will understand the musical terms used in the map of the Swan Bells.

The bells in the Bell Tower are set to ring between 12 noon to 1 pm on Monday, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays.  So you may be able to catch the bells in action if you visit at those times.

If you have loose change to spare, maybe you can consider playing a song on the carillon housed in the Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower besides housing the Swan Bells is home to a series of other antique bells, some of them used previously as religious relics.

The relationship and the history behind clocks and bells. After reading the lengthy explanation, I still do not quite understand it!

Can you imagine a bell that was more than 450 years old.  Apparently, this one was!  It was manufactured in 1550 and came all the way from England!

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Bell Tower Souvenirs

My favourite past time – souvenir shopping!  Get a little bell of your own to commemorate the visit to the Bell Tower.

If you have the time, why not visit the Bell Tower of Perth.  It’s worth paying to see the view of Perth city.

The Bell Tower Perth

Barrack Square
Riverside Drive, Perth
Western Australia
+61 8 6210 0444
[email protected]

Open daily from 10am.
Opening times vary seasonally.
Currently last entry is 3.45pm.

Not open Good Friday or Christmas Day.

Open from Noon on Anzac Day.

Join us next as we summarize the top things to do in Perth City!

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Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
Discover Book Travel Free e-Book


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