The Fifth Food Avenue is the resident international food court at the MBK. It is not just any ordinary food court, but one which is more up-market, luxurious and comfortable.  Note that Fifth Avenue is not the only food court at MBK – there is another one at Level 6 which caters more to the masses – however, over there it could get so crowded that you may not be able to get a seat during meal times!

At Fifth Avenue, you not only get authentic Thai cuisine.  The food avenue also offers a selection of cuisine from the region such as Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese, as well as perennials such as Western food and grilled seafood.  Coupled with good ambience, this food court does not disappoint at all.

How it works is like this – upon entry to the food court, each customer will be issued with a card which you use to swipe at each of the stall that you buy from.  At the end of the meal, at the point of exit, simply pass the card to the cashier for payment.

Each of these cards entitles you to a free drink on the house as well!  Be sure to get yours!

Despite the many food choices at Fifth Avenue, we ended up still ordering Thai cuisine – after all, we are in Thailand!  Tommy ordered his favourite Pad Thai which tasted exceptionally good.

Followers of our blog would know that I sample Tom Yum soup everywhere I go, even at countries such as Australia (Perth, Sydney, Blue Mountains ) and Iceland. So why not at Thailand itself!

I happened to love this version at the Fifth Avenue.  There are several stalls selling Tom Yum soup at Fifth Avenue, but we eventually went for the one sold at the Thai cuisine booth.  This one is just nice for me, with a good balance of spiciness and flavour.

Final Verdict

Having tried both Fifth Avenue and the food court at Level 6 at MBK, we’ll say, pay the slightly extra price for Fifth Avenue and avoid the crowd at Level 6.  In return, you get to dine in peace and enjoy some cuisine which is worthy of the slightly higher price.

MBK Center
Phayathai Rd,
Pathum Wan,
Khet Pathum Wan,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330,

Join us next as we enjoy some Thai food at Yum Saap Restaurant.

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