Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we visited Little Mermaid, the most famous icon for Denmark.

Our very first stop since alighting from the Caribbean Princess was the Little Mermaid. Copenhagen’s very own icon and the subject of more than five million snapshots every year.

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The Little Mermaid – Denmark Most Famous Statue

The Little Mermaid was commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg, as a gift to the city of Copenhagen.  Jacobsen was inspired by a ballet of the fairy tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Andersen and asked the ballerina to pose for the statue.

The project was commissioned in 1909 and was finally completed in 1913, when the unveiled statue graced the shore of the Langelinie Promenade.

Despite this being our very first stop, the place was already packed with tour buses from the cruise ships when we arrived.

The Little Mermaid must be Denmark’s most popular statue, receiving more than a million visitors each year.

With much waiting, we finally got a turn to get a closer shot at the statue.

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Vandalism on Little Mermaid

Ever since the Little Mermaid took up residence at the waterline, it had been the subject of vandalism.  In fact, its head and body had been removed from the statue several times over the years, and had to undergo restoration. Hard to believe, given that the statue looked quite flawless.

This is my favourite view of the Little Mermaid against the backdrop of cruise ship.

We spent only about 20 minutes at this site, of which most of the time was spent waiting for a good shot of the statue.  There isn’t much to see, nor were the surroundings exceptionally beautiful.

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Little Mermaid Denmark vs Merlion Singapore

I can’t say for sure why this is the most photographed icon of Denmark. Perhaps that the Danish put in great work in marketing this as an icon.  It could also be linked to national pride, very much like how we perceive our very own Merlion.

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How to get from Cruise Port to Little Mermaid

To get to the Little Mermaid by public transport from Oceankaj, Bus 27 is the one that will bring you to the nearest stop. Just remember to ask the driver about the stop that you need to get down.

You will still need to follow the signages to walk through a slight upslope road and a small park to get to the waterfront. That will take you about 5 mins from the bus stop.

Otherwise, your next best bet would be to purchase tickets for the hop-on hop-off bus.

Join us next as we bring you to Rosenberg Castle, the former summer residence of King Christian IV.

First published 13 Mar 2016
Last updated 6 Oct 2019

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