If you’ve seen the likes of Gulfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Hraunfossar, Barnafoss in Iceland, and the world famous Niagara Falls in the United States/Canada, you will find that Skogafoss pales a little in comparison.

Skogafoss – one of the Biggest Waterfalls in Iceland

Skogafoss lacks the power and mystique of Gulfoss and the uniqueness of Seljalandsfoss. Nevertheless, measuring 25 metres across and with 60 metres in height, it is still considered as one of the biggest waterfalls in the country, and also one of the most famous and popular.

We arrived at Skogafoss on the 8th day of our Iceland vacation, which happened to be a cold and rainy day. Only on closer inspection do we understand the power and magnificence of Skogafoss.  In fact, the closer we got, the more it looked like the Hurricane Deck of the Cave of the Wind tour at Niagara Falls.  Prepare a poncho or be prepared to be drenched by the sprays of the waterfall when you get closer!

On good and sunny days, it is said that rainbows form across the waterfall offering a pretty sight for the professional photographer.

For those who are feeling slightly more energetic, follow the trail up the mountain to the viewing platform for a breathtaking view of the Skoga River which feeds Skogafoss.  There are also views of many more waterfalls from that advantage point.

If you are planning to pay a visit to Skogafoss, make sure to set aside 30-60 minutes to enjoy the tranquillity and peace of the area and the beautiful sights up the trail.

Follow us as we enjoy some authentic thai cusine in Iceland.

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