Going To Iceland?  In this installment of our Iceland Travel Guide Series, we list 5 reasons why you should visit the old harbour in Reykjavik. Read our comprehensive Iceland Northern Lights Exploration Trip here!

We simply love walking around Reykjavik aimlessly, because every turn of the road brings new surprises.

From our lodgings at the Fosshotel Lind, the shopping street of Laugavegur is at the turn of the corner.  And from there, the Old Harbour of Reykjavik looms at the end of Laugavegur.

Top Sights at the Old Harbour, Reykjajvik

The Old Harbour of Reykjavik is a must-visit place, and we will like to share with you why:

#1.  Enjoy Spectacular Views at the Old Harbour

A beautiful place to walk with spectacular views to boot, the Old Harbour is the best point to see Mount Esja across the bay.  In fact, Mount Esja looked so near that it felt as if we could touch it if we just reached out our fingers.

Try and spot Hallgrímskirkja Church, Reykjavik’s most famous church in the distance.

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#2.  Enjoy the Charms of the Old Harbour

Enjoy the symphony of birds dancing to their own orchestra across the calm and quiet waters of the bay.

The oceans, the shipping vessels, the view, sounds and smell all combine themselves to give the Old Harbour its own rustic and unique charm unseen elsewhere.

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#3.  Chill out at a Great Restaurant

With lots of restaurants and cafes in the area, the Old Harbour offers so much for a passing tourist. Head down to the Icelandic Fish and Chips for an affordable meal made from the freshest ingredients.  Or if you are looking for a light snack, make a trip to the Cafe Haiti, known to the locals as the place serving the best coffee in town.  Volcano house and Krua Thai (if you are craving for some asian food) is also within walking distance.

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#4.  Take a Shore Excursion

During the summer, the Old Harbour is the place where whale and puffin watching excursions depart from.

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Keen to visit Iceland?  Read our comprehensive Iceland Northern Lights Exploration Trip here!

#5.  Visit Harpa

From the Old Harbour, take a leisurely stroll to Harpa, Iceland’s art and cultural centre and the equivalent of our esplanade.  Enroute to Harpa, see the impressive coast guards.  It is remarkable that Iceland has no military to defend themselves but only has their coast guards to patrol their shores.

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Join us next as we enjoy a day of Glaciers.

First published 10 May 2014
Last Updated 16 Dec 2018

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