The famous Tiger Sugar chain of bubble tea originates from Taichung, Taiwan and specializes in brown sugar bubble milk teas. In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we bring you our experience of Tiger Sugar right from its birthplace of Taichung, Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Famous Tiger Sugar (老虎堂)

Tiger Sugar first opened for business in Taichung in November 2017 and offers one of the best brown sugar bubble teas in its menu. Tiger Sugar has since gathered a large fan base within and beyond the shores of Taiwan and is rapidly expanding its network of outlets both locally and internationally.

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The Reason Behind its Name

Why the name, you may ask? This is because their beverages mostly contain brown sugar, which when mixed with its milk contents creates the striped appearance of a tiger. Talk about instagrammable beverages. You’ll get one that looks good and tastes good at the same time!

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Tiger Sugar Logo
The logo of Tiger Sugar, which reads ‘Tiger’ in Mandarin

What’s so special about Tiger Sugar

Here’s why Tiger Sugar is worth putting on those extra calories:

  1. Only fresh milk instead of creamers for their beverages which gives them a smooth consistency.
  2. Their brown sugar pearls (boba) are specially made in-house and simmered over mild heat, giving it a delectable chewiness that is different from other brands. According to instructions, you must shake your beverage 15 times. This is because freshly made bobas are slightly soft and shaking helps to make them more chewy and tasty.
  3. They use only their own special grade brown sugar in all their beverages.
Tiger Sugar outlet at Fengjia Night Market
Outlet at Fengjia Night Market, Taichung

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Tiger Sugar in Taichung, Taiwan

We had the privilege to visit Tiger Sugar’s very first store in Fengjia Night Market in Taichung to do a road-test of this famous beverage. This outlet is ultra-popular and we had to wait in line for almost 20 minutes before we could get our hands on a copy of the drink.

Original Store
Original store in Taichung, Taiwan

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Road Test –  Brown Sugar Boba Milk

This was indeed one of the best milk tea we had, although I still very much prefer Chun Shui Tang’s original bubble milk tea. What’s more, the beverage looked so pretty in my hand. The boba (pearls) were indeed amazing and different from other bubble tea chains and it was very addictive chewing on it. However, we did find the beverage a little too sweet and on the heavy side for us. Those of you with a sweet tooth may find it just nice, but I am one who prefers my food with less sugar.

Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba Milk
The iconic Brown Sugar Boba Milk is a must-try in Taiwan

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Which Beverage to Try?

Undoubtedly, it is the famous Brown Sugar Boba Milk. You can choose to have this with or without foam. Those who prefer a milk-free beverage can opt for pure green or black tea. There are also other series of beverages, for example, the Red Bean series, and the world’s first Black Sugar Boba Coffee series.

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Tiger Sugar in Singapore

Tiger Sugar has found its way into Singapore’s shores and has now gained a cult following. It was immensely popular when it first opened, with queues lasting for more than an hour, but the craze has simmered a little since then. There are currently 5 outlets in Singapore:

Capitol Piazza
#B2-32 City Hall MRT station Exit D

Chinatown Point

Orchard Paragon

Jurong Point 1

Northpoint City

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