Going To Iceland?  In this installment of our Iceland Travel Guide Series, we share the top 5 things to buy in Iceland! Read our comprehensive Iceland Northern Lights Exploration Trip here!

What to buy in Iceland?

Iceland – a large island isolated from the rest of Europe, depends largely on imports to sustain its population.  Nevertheless, the country does make use of its excellent geology and the innate creativity of their people to produce items that are unique to Iceland.

Here are the top products to purchase when visiting this remarkable country.

1. Icelandic Wool Products

Icelandic wool is reputed for its warmth, lightness and insulation abilities and are able to keep you warm even when wet (think of how all those Icelandic sheeps survive in the harsh outdoors during winter). So wool products such as gloves, caps, scarves, socks and other accessories are guaranteed to keep you warm in the harsh winter.  The one item that you will find only in Iceland is the Icelandic wool sweaters, also known fondly as Lopapeysa locally.

These sweaters are hand-knitted using 100% pure Icelandic wool and the name of the knitter usually comes as a tag to the sweater.  Almost every Icelander we see owns one of these woollen sweaters. Grab one when in Iceland.  You won’t be able to find these traditional Icelandic patterns in other parts of the world.  Prices are not cheap – each sweater usually cost USD200 and above.  Some brands to consider are Icewear, Nordic Store and Alafoss.

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2. Winter Wear

Lightweight, 100% waterproof and windproof material, these winter wear are well-made, sturdy and most importantly fashionable.  66°North and Cintamani are all Icelandic brands.

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3. Icelandic Chocolates

Just like their coffees and Swiss Mochas, Icelandic chocolates are a superior breed.

Pure Icelandic Chocolate (Credits: http://mymorningchocolate.com)

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4. Blue Lagoon Products

Located just 15 mins from Keflavík International airport and 45 mins away from the city centre, the Blue Lagoon is the must-go destination in Iceland.  This outdoor geothermal pool with milky blue waters sits in the middle of a lava field and has a surreal and ethereal feel to it.  It is little wonder that the Blue Lagoon is consistently ranked as one of the top in the world.  Besides letting the mineral rich waters in the lagoon work wonders for your skin, why not consider bringing some of the benefits home with you.  The Blue Lagoon has a suite of excellent skin care products that contains the same active ingredients and benefits of the waters of the Blue Lagoon.  Most notable are the silica mud mask and algae mask.  You can also get these products from their online shop.

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5. Icelandic Jewellery and Crafts

Iceland has a large number of craft shops selling products made from natural materials such as rocks, stones and volcanic ashes. For cheap and creative art and craft materials and souvenirs, pay a visit to Tiger Stores along Reykjavík’s Shopping Street.

Or purchase your own vial of volcanic ash or rocks at selected stores.  These ashes come labelled with the name of the volcano they erupted from and the year of eruption.

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For any single purchase above ISK4000, tourists are entitled to 15% VAT refund.  Just get the signed receipt and the tax refund form from the cashier and make the claim at the departure lounge at the airport.

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First published 4 Feb 2014
Last Updated 16 Dec 2018

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