In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we introduce to you the top things to do in Hualien, Taiwan.

Located along the east coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean, Hualien is one of the most beautiful and scenic places to visit in Taiwan.  We recommend staying at least one night in Taiwan to experience this beautiful county.  However, it is also possible to make Hualien a day trip from Taipei if you are strapped for time.

What to do in Hualien

1. Visit the Taroko Gorge

More than 99% of visitors who come to Hualien are here for the Taroko Gorge, the second largest National Park in Taiwan.  Iconic sites in Taroko Gorge are the Qingshui Cliff (清水斷崖)Shakadang Trail (砂卡礑步道)Eternal Spring Shrine (長春寺)Swallow Grotto (燕子口)Buluowan Recreation Area (布洛灣) and Seven Stars Lake (七星潭).  Budget at least 8 hours to cover the Taroko Gorge.

The top thing to do in Hualien is to visit the Taroko Gorge, known for its beauty thoughout Taiwan.
Most visitors to Hualien visit the city to go to Taroko Gorge

You will need transportation to travel to the various points within Taroko Gorge.  These are your options:

Public Bus to Taroko Gorge

Public buses are the best option if you intend to do any hiking within the Taroko Gorge.  They are inexpensive, and offers a great deal of flexibility for the traveller.  However, you do need to plan carefully and check against the bus schedule.  Bus 302 is the bus you should be looking at.  It makes a round trip between Xincheng Train Station and the various sites within the Taroko Gorge.

Day Tours to Taroko Gorge departing from Hualien

If your intention is to cover the main sights of the Taroko Gorge within a day, day tours are the best option.

Day tours from Hualien to Taroko Gorge are cheap and covers the major sights in the Taroko Gorge.  They are the perfect solution for those who do not have time to plan their journey within the Taroko Gorge.  You can choose to be picked up from your hotel in Hualien, at the Hualien train station or at the Hualien Airport.

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Day Tours to Taroko Gorge departing from Taipei

There are day tours to Taroko Gorge for those making a day trip from Taipei, i.e. those who do not intend to stay a night in Hualien.  The day tour to Taroko Gorge includes return train tickets from Taipei, hence saving you the trouble of having to book the train tickets yourself.

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Private Charter to Taroko Gorge

A private charter to Taroko Gorge may be more convenient and makes better sense if you are travelling in a group or have young children with you.  The price of 4 in a chartered vehicle is almost the same as joining a group day tour.

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Qingshui Cliff (清水斷崖), Hualien

Shakadang Trail (砂卡礑步道), Hualien

Eternal Spring Shrine (Chang Chun Si 長春寺), Hualien

Swallow Grotto (Yan Zi Kou 燕子口), Hualien

Buluowan Recreation Area (布洛灣), Hualien

Seven Stars Lake (七星潭), Hualien

2.  Explore the Golden Triangle Business District (金三角商圈鬧)

The liveliest and busiest part of downtown Hualien is the Golden Triangle Business District (金三角商圈鬧) bounded by Zhongshan Road (中山路), Zhongzheng Road (中正路), and Zhonghua Road (中华路).  Here, you will find various restaurants, shops and local cafes.  It also offers the best shopping for residents staying in the east coast of Taiwan.   After a trip to the Taroko Gorge in the day, the Golden Triangle Business District is the best place to go for dinner and shopping.

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Golden Triangle Business District (金三角商圈鬧)
Visit the Golden Triangle Business District (金三角商圈鬧) for the best shopping and food in Hualien

3.  Indulge in great food at Dongdamen Night Market (花蓮東大門國際觀光夜市)

Dongdamen Night Market is located within a short cab ride from the Golden Triangle Business District.   Thus it is best to cover both attractions together in a single trip.  Dongdamen night market used to be called Ziqiang Night market a few years ago.   It has since expanded greatly and offers cultural performances as well.

Dongdamen Night Market (花蓮東大門國際觀光夜市) in Hualien
Dongdamen Night Market (花蓮東大門國際觀光夜市) is a place of vibrancy and is a short cab ride from the Golden Triangle Business District (金三角商圈鬧)

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4.  Eat the best Muah Chee (mochi) in Hualien

Hualien offers the best Muah chee in Taiwan.  We recommend Ah Mei Muah Chee (阿美麻糬) which is available in many places in downtown Hualien.  Ah Mei Muah Chee is also available at the Hualien Train Station.  The biggest player in the market is however Zhen Ji muah chee (曾记麻糬).  It is worth a try as well.   Freshly-made Muah Chee taste the best when eaten immediately.  The taste does deteriorate drastically once they are pre-packed for longer term storage.

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Ah Mei Muah Chee (阿美麻糬)
Try Ah Mei Muah Chee (阿美麻糬), the best muah chee when you are in Hualien.

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The above 4 activities can be completed within a day, provided you are staying for a night at Hualien.  If you are making a day trip from Taipei, you will only be able to cover the Taroko Gorge only.  If you have more than 1 night to spare in Hualien, consider the below activities as well.

5.  Experience River Rafting at the Xiugulun River

The Xiugulun River is the longest river on the east coast of Taiwan.  It is also one of those which has sufficient water volume for river rafting all year round.  With its breath-taking scenery between rocky ravines, the Xiugulun River is a very popular place for river rafting.

River rafting at the Xiugulun River in Hualien, Taiwan
For the adventurous ones, consider river rafting at the Xiugulun River in Hualien, Taiwan. Photo source:

6.  Tour the East Rift Valley

The East Rift Valley is located between Hualien and Taichung.  Part of it is like an open geology classroom.  A tour here will bring you to Shitiping (Stone Stairs Platform), a site with extensive sea erosion.  Make the East Rift Valley part of your itinerary as you travel from Hualien to Taitung or make it a day trip from Hualien.

East Rift Valley between Hualien and Taitung in Taiwan
Visit the East Rift Valley between Hualien and Taitung in Taiwan and be wowed by its beauty. Photo source:

We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning.  We love to hear from you.  Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

Top Things to do in Hualien, Taiwan

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