Going To Bruges, Belgium?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise + Southampton Trip itinerary, we bring you the best things to buy in Bruges. Do check out the best things to do in Bruges too.

Best Things to buy in Bruges, Belgium

Besides their famous chocolates, here are some of the things you should buy when you visit Bruges.

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What to eat in Bruges

Belgian Waffles

Freshly made Belgian Waffles are incredibly good and ranks among the best in the world. You need to taste them to see the difference.  Most of the time, the aroma of the waffles draws you to the store from a distance.

The best waffles of my life.  You need to eat it while it is piping hot, before it turns as tough as a piece of cardboard.

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Belgian Beer

Belgians hardly export their beer, so you have to be there to enjoy it.  For the best experience, head to the Brugs Beertje, a pub famous for serving more than 300 types of Belgian brews.  For the beer enthusiast, head to the De Halve Maan brewery at Walplein 26 for a tour of the beer brewing process which ends off with a view of the city at its roof top.

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Explore the historic center of Bruges on a private 3-hour tour, and marvel at the medieval squares and monuments. Sample delicious chocolates at the Choco-Story museum and enjoy a 3-course lunch (with beer!) at the De Halve Maan brewery.

Fries or Frites (Flemish Fries)

Probably the only place in the world that has a museum dedicated to Fries, the Belgians are serious about their fries.  Their version of fries are double fried – once to cook and once more to brown it, and seemingly, this is the recipe to making their fries taste better than other versions.

For the best fries or frites as they call it, the locals recommend the vans at the Market Square.

The Belgians eat their fries with mayonnaise,  but I still prefer it with my trusted ketchup.

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What to buy in Bruges


In the early days of its development, lace was a popular commodity in Belgium.  The art of lace-making is handed down generation by generation, and hand-made lace are exceptionally beautiful and well made in Belgium.  Unfortunately, many of the versions we see in tourists shops nowadays can be machine-made, but if you are lucky, you will still be able to catch lace-making in action at one of the shops.

Belgian lace are traditionally made into table cloths, table runners, handkerchiefs and tissue holders, but are now also available as bookmarks and decorative pieces.   They make a great souvenir for yourself or as a gift, but they do come with a much higher price tags than other souvenirs.  Haggling does not work in the shops, so don’t even try.

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Artwork and Handicrafts

Art exists in a beautiful form in Bruges, and if you have the time, stroll through the flea market and other stalls set up near the Market Square.

Glass-blown jewellery are exquisitely made and sold at an affordable price.  If you happen to be heading for other countries in the Baltic Sea just like us, you will likely find the same things and more at less developed Baltic countries at a cheaper price.

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The souvenirs in Bruges are incredibly well made and beautiful, it makes window shopping a very enjoyable affair.  Surprisingly, although most things are marked up, they still remain pretty affordable for the quality of goods.

Be sure to go home with one of these magnets or mini figurines of the beautiful architecture in Bruges.   You won’t be able to find them in other parts of the world.

Join us next as we cruise to the city of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Best Tours in Bruges

First published 5 Mar 2016
Last Updated 1 Jan 2019

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