Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we make a trip to Uluwatu Temple, one of the best known attraction in Bali.

Uluwatu Temple Tour

This day was a fully packed day for us, and our last destination before heading off for a seafood feast at Jimbaran Bay was the Uluwatu Temple.  A very apt finish to a fantastic day, for we started off the day with a temple visit to Tanah Lot and ending it with another at Uluwatu.

Uluwatu’s full name is Pura Luhur Uluwatu (Pura = some of divine origin, Ulu = land’s end, watu = rock).  Perched on a cliff overseeing the Pacific Ocean, it is probably one of the best known tourist attraction in Bali.  The only thing that precedes the fame of Uluwatu would be the aggressive monkey population that probably gave more anecdotes for tourists to share about rather than the temple itself.

Because it is a religious place, visitors (men and women) were made to wear long sarongs at the ticketing booth.

Uluwatu is made up of a Northern and Southern portion, make sure you visit both areas. That’s the Hindu temple perched on the other cliff face from one of the sides.

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Best Photo Spot at Uluwatu Temple

Our guide made us go through this gate and stand at the edge of the cliff for a photo. Truly spectacular backdrop, fortunately we didn’t fall down the cliff.

Strangely, we did not see or experience even one monkey at Uluwatu – even our tour guide was surprised!

Walking along the perimeter of the cliff to catch different angles of Uluwatu.

Looks a little like the Twelve Apostles at the Great Ocean Road.  Even the water was the same shade of blue.  I could stand here to admire the view for hours.

Sunset here would surely be spectacular, but we were off to Jimbaran Beach for our sunset dinner.

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Enjoy the white sandy beach and sunbath at Lembongan Island and have fun at the unlimited water activities such as banana boat, snorkeling, glass-bottomed boat, canoeing and sightseeing on the island and a delicious lunch buffet!  Enjoy the beautiful sunset and ocean view as you take a brief rest at Uluwatu followed by a tour at the famous Uluwatu Cliff Temple. Click here to find out more!

Join us next as we enjoy a sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach.

First published 4 Jan 2015
Last updated 30 Dec 2018

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