Our very last stop at Helsinki is the Market Square, also known as Kauppatori in Finnish. It is one of the most popular markets cum tourist attractions in Helsinki, and just by virtue of its atmosphere, is one place you never should miss if you are in Helsinki.

The Market Square was bustling with activity when we reached in the mid-afternoon.

Stalls selling fresh fruits and market produce are everywhere in the Market Square.  They even allow free sampling of fruits!

Was so tempted to buy some of those blueberries, raspberries and strawberries back to the cruise ship.  They looked so good and fresh!

Because there was so much competition around, you actually can spend your time picking the cheapest and best among the stalls.  5 euros for a punnet of raspberry doesn’t sound too expensive!

These looked like grapes with extra stripes.  I wonder what they are!

Flowers, anyone?

One of those things that I loved about Helsinki are their clean-cut, yet elegant designs, and its not just about clothes.  Those simplistic designs extends to their jewellery as well!

These beautiful necklaces look so exquisite, but the cheapest of them all cost 49 euros each.  Hardly the kind of money I would spend on myself!

But having said that, Tommy decided to splurge on a spectrolite jewellery for me!  The gem on the jewellery is made from a piece of spectrolite found in Finland, so I can say that I bought a piece of Finland back with me!

Each and every one of those pieces are unique because they were made from different parts of the rock. Tommy even chose a design that signifies the Northern Lights to remind us of our time at Iceland.

Each individual piece even came in their own little hand-made wooden box.  The seller would even engrave words on it for free upon request!

These spectrolite jewellery are actually quite common at the market square, so if you are not satisfied with the design or price, there are plenty of alternatives around.

Glass-blown jewellery seem to be the fashion at the countries lining the Baltic Sea.  We first saw similar things at Belgium, but I think it was slightly cheaper there, so grab yours there if you see it!

Everything is just so pretty at Helsinki!  Loved these glass-blown wind chimes.

Don’t you think even the dining ware looks refined?

Plush toys are my favourites!  And I don’t even think we will be able to find such cute versions in the city malls.

Handicrafts and souvenirs are everywhere in the Market Square.   There’s so much to see and touch.

There are also many outdoor cafes, so lunch was never an issue away from the Caribbean Princess.  Don’t forget to try some traditional Finnish food!

If you have some spare time, why not take a walk along the pier beside the Market Square.

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