Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we make a visit to a famous Artisan Village to see some local handicraft.

Artisan Village – Recommended Place to visit in Bali

The Artisan Village came as an highly recommended place to visit by our private guide, so after a relaxing breakfast at the Bhavana Private Villas, we started Day 2 of our Bali vacation with a trip to the famous Artisan Village.

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The village is actually made up of workshops that produce various crafts for the country – things such as batik, wood sculptures, stone carvings, Balinese furniture and even gold and silver workshops!

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Batik Making Factory

Our first and only stop at the Artisan village – Batik making factory.

These women must be so used to having tourists take pictures of them that they were still engrossed in their work while the snaps keep going.

This place reminds us very much of the embroidery workshops in Hanoi.

Very soon, you will find that the workshop was only a small stage for attracting tourists. The real deal lies in the shop that was beyond this stage.  At the shop, these hand-made batik and paintings were sold at truly exorbitant prices.

Prices range from USD $30 or more for a small piece of Batik/painting to hundreds and thousands for bigger sized ones.  No photography was allowed because obviously they do not want people to know how high their prices are.  We obviously left with nothing.

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Our guide tried very hard to bring us to the gold and silver workshop after this – obviously the commissions there would be very much higher, but his commissions were the least of our priorities and we pushed ahead to continue the rest of our itinerary.

Join us next as we explore the Tegenungan Waterfalls.

First published 10 Jan 2015
Last updated 30 Dec 2018

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