Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we continued on our trip to the Sea City Museum for a visit of the Titanic exhibits. Check out Part 1 here.

Southampton SeaCity Museum – More than just Titanic

The main attraction at the Southampton SeaCity Museum is the Southampton’s Titanic Story.

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Gateway to the World

The other permanent exhibit at the SeaCity Museum other than the Southampton’s Titanic Story was ‘Gateway to the World’,  a unique historical collection that recounts the stories of people who have departed from or arrived at the port of Southampton over the span of the last 200,000 years.

Though not as interesting or extensive as the Southampton’s Titanic Story, Gateway to the World is still worth a visit.  It is after all, already covered by the very expensive admission ticket to the SeaCity Museum.

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Travelling by Log Boats

Imagine travelling by log boats vs a cruise line.  Apparently, such log boats were used by earlier travellers who could no more than carry a few things with them.

This boat was made by a single tree trunk. The pattern of rings running through the truck showed the tree was felled between 600-700AD, that’s almost close to 3000 years ago!

The evolution of transport from log boats to luxury cruise liners.  I guess there are benefits of living in the modern world – at least I get to travel in style.

The part that we liked the most in this exhibition – the ship models!

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Special Exhibition – Dinosaurs

Other than the two permanent exhibitions on display, there is a special exhibition which changes periodically.  It is covered under the full museum entry price of 9.50 pounds, but is also available for entry without the permanent exhibition at a slightly lower price of 5 pounds.

Our visit happened to coincide with the dinosaurs special exhibits.

We’ve seen so many dinosaurs exhibits at various museums and amusement parks – the latest being the one at London’s Natural History Museum.  This one at the SeaCity Museum is very small comparatively, but is quite comprehensive.

The egg of an elephant bird (whatever that is, I cannot imagine.  Think along the lines of an flying elephant?).  The eggs of the elephant bird is the biggest of any animal on record.  At 9 litres in volume, they are about the equivalent of 200 chicken eggs.

The cafeteria cum souvenir shop at the SeaCity Museum is a little disappointing. Even a shopaholic like me can’t seem to find anything to buy.

Join us next as we finally embark on our Princess Cruise to the Baltic sea.

First published 2 Feb 2016
Last updated 25 Aug 2019

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