Do you know that one of the world’s most beautiful metro station resides in Kaohsiung, Taiwan?  I didn’t know this, until we started planning a vacation to Kaohsiung and I saw this dramatic picture.

Dome of Light

How could this be a metro station, I thought…  But metro station it is, and people from all over the world actually flock to see this massive Dome of Light which is installed at Formosa Boulevard (R10) (美麗島).  This station is also the interchange between the Red and Orange lines of the Kaohsiung MRT system.  Not only that, it is actually close to another tourist attraction – the Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市), and that is why many tour groups would make these two attractions their stop for the evening.

When tour groups came by the truckloads (and they usually do), it was actually really rather difficult to get a clear shot of the Dome of Light.  But these tourists usually leave after a while for the Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市) and all we had to do was wait until they have all cleared out to snap this. Alternatively, if you are heading for Liuhe Night Market as well, wait until the return journey when there are fewer people around.

Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市)

Many friendly locals here have told us that Liuhe Night Market was not worth our time, because it was a place that was overwhelmingly crowded with tourists and have long lost its local flavour.

According to them, the one night market in Kaohsiung worth going to was Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市) and after having been to both, we have to agree.  But since we were already here at Formosa Boulevard (R10) (美麗島) and it doesn’t hurt to walk a bit more, we decided to experience Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市) for ourselves and put the local’s recommendations to the test.

Unlike most night markets in Taiwan where the area of the night markets expand out in a grid formation with many side alleys, Liuhe Night Market is relatively easy to manage because it occupies only one main road which is closed off at night for the operations of the night market.  Perhaps because the road is wide, many food stalls have set up tables and chairs for their customers right in the middle of the road, which contributed to the somewhat unhygienic conditions there.  Watch where you step, because there are spit on the ground as well!

As with other night markets in Taiwan, you’ll find the usual beverage (papaya milk!) stalls, stinky toufu (yucks, it smells like the drain beside me), oyster omelettes, fried chicken and mushrooms etc.


But if there is one thing that stands out, it must be Seafood.  In fact, the entire theme of Liuhe Night Market revolves around Seafood – barbecued ones, live ones… You’ll even find tanks of live seafood at many stalls!!

Liuhe Night Market is predominately a food street, although there are also elements of shopping here. However, shopping here is basic at best, and serious shoppers should just head to the Shinkuchan Commercial District.

How much time to budget at the Liuhe Night Market?  We would say 2 hrs max if you are not planning on sitting down to eat something.  In fact, if your itinerary is packed, skip this in favour of Ruifeng Night Market as the locals suggested.

How to get to Liuhe Night Market?

Getting to Liuhe Night Market is relatively simple.  Take the Kaohsiung MRT to the Formosa Boulevard (R10) (美麗島), admire the Dome of Light, and then look for Exit 11.

Follow the signage to Liuhe Night Market.

Get up to the street level and Liuhe Night Market is just beside the exit.

Join us next as we check out the delicious midnight snack and breakfast in Kindness Hotel.

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