The Kamppi Chapel of Silence – perhaps the only one of its kind in the world is a chapel where as its name suggest, silence prevails.

The chapel exist in the middle of a busy street and was built with the intent to offer a place of solace and peacefulness for the ordinary passerby.  In fact, architecturally exquisite as it was, it stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of its urban surroundings.

The silence of the chapel permeates even to its reception area, where even staff refrained from speaking, or if there was a absolute need to, murmured in low voices.  Photography is allowed in the chapel, but no flash light was to be used.

Inside, its light wood-panelled spiral design and high ceiling emits a sense of awe.

Silence was respectfully kept, and other than footsteps and the soft clicks of my camera,  there was pretty much  no other noise in this hall of silence.

The silence was much of a relief if you intend to do a bit of silent contemplation, but being the hyperactive tourist as I was, it began to feel a little oppressive and unnatural after a while.  Don’t get me wrong – its not about the place – its about me and my constant need to talk and point out things like an excited tourist.

We were soon out of the place in a jiffy and off to our next destination which ironically, was another church.   This this time round, I get to do the part of the excited tourist because talking was allowed in this other famous church that we were visiting – the Rock Church.

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