Right after the day trip with Adams Pinnacles Tours to the Pinnacles Desert, our next day began with an even longer trip out of Perth City – to the incredible natural monument, the Wave Rock.

This day trip taken with Adams Pinnacles Tour proves to be even more demanding than the Pinnacles Tour.

Township of York

The Wave Rock is about a 4-hr drive from Perth City, which fortunately was broken down into smaller segments by making stops along the way.  The entire day trip to the Wave Rock took about 13 hrs return, much tougher than our previous day trip to the Pinnacles.

The early morning began by heading East towards the historic town of York.  While we were all prepared to enter the harsh Australian desert once again, we never were prepared to have the rising morning sun right in our face at all times while we travelled.  That’s another part of the toughness of this tour!

Finally at York Town, touted as one of Western Australia’s most picturesque towns with charming architecture.

York was the first European settlement in Western Australia, founded as far back as the 1800s.

There wasn’t much to see at York, other than historic architecture.  Many of the old buildings are still in use today.

York proves to be a rather quiet town, and perhaps the main commercial activities happens along the main town strip.

Things in Australia are always so well-designed and pretty, but they come with a hefty price tag.

This stop at the town of York was meant to be a morning tea break time for us at our own expense. But if you want to explore the town, it means that there is no time sit down for morning tea or breakfast.

Corrigin Dog Cemetery

As we travelled from York to the town of Corrigin, we stopped by the Dog Cemetery, built in the 1970s to commemorate Man’s Best Friend.

While pet cemeteries are common in many countries, we would never get to see one in land-scarce Singapore.

There was said to be a faithful owner who was buried with his dog in the cemetery, and he is said to be the only human buried with the dogs.  But being such a large cemetery, we could not find this grave.

Some of these graves are marked with loving and touching messages of owners for their faithful four-legged companions.

We chanced upon this tomb of a dog which had the same name as my dog!  Apparently, Scooby is a popular name for dogs in Perth, but not so in Singapore.

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Join us next as we continue our Wave Rock day trip as we travel to the Hippo Yawn.

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