Wave Rock

The lunch venue at the Wildflower shop was only a short drive away from the Wave Rock. After enduring a tough and long journey under the constant blazing sun, we are finally here!

From the Wave Rock, it is possible to walk to Hippo’s Yawn. It is just 1.4km away.

First sight of the Wave Rock.  Very huge and impressive! Looks like a solid wall of tsunami wave bearing down on us.

The geologist’s explanation on the formation of the wave rock.  Too bad I don’t understand most parts of it.

Viewing the Wave Rock at its other end.

Along one side of the Wave Rock, there is a gentler slope that allows us to climb to the top of the Wave Rock.

The slope may look gentle, but it still requires a moderate level of fitness to climb up to the top.

Panoramic shots taken from the top.  The views from the top is always the best.

At the top, there are more rock boulders and structures, each of them, just like the Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn are sculpted by the forces of nature.

At the top is also where the sun’s rays bears down on us most intensely, having not much foliage to deflect them for us.

Tommy and me baking under the Australian sun.

At the edge of the top of the ‘Wave’.  A great wall was build along its perimeter obviously for safety reasons.

But some people obviously choose to defy the safety precautions put in for them.  Careful there!

Making our way down safely.  In the absence of a proper footpath or handrails, going down proves to be a bit more difficult than going up.   I felt like we were going to slide down the slope at any moment.

No doubt the Wave Rock was an impressive natural formation, somehow it felt unjustifiable to travel for almost the whole day to see just a piece of rock.

Mulka’s Cave

Our very last scenic stop was Mulka’s Cave, not very far from the Wave Rock.

Unlike at the Hippo’s Yawn, we were allowed to go into Mulka’s Cave.  Yay!

Which means that we get to bend down and literally crawl into the cave through the small opening at the bottom.

That’s our group, climbing into the cave one by one. Inside, the cave is damp and cool, offering us a welcome respite from the hot sun.  But it is dark as well, with the only stream of light coming in from the entrance, and an exit right at the top.

Through the accumulation of moisture in the cave, the rocks are wet and slippery, so we had to exercise caution while climbing the rocks to avoid breaking a bone.

Once we got accustomed to the low light level in the cave, images on the walls of the cave became clearer.  Look carefully and you will notice hand prints on the cave ceiling.  As to how to got there was quite mysterious, as the ceiling of the cave was quite high.

These hand stencils as they are called are supposed to date back something from between 3000 to 30,000 years old!

Some of them look pretty eerie.

And there were even hand prints of children.


Our last pit stop is at the small town of Babakin.

There is absolutely nothing to see here, other to have some expensive tea and snacks prepared by the town people of Babakin at your own expense.

Here’s a glimpse of that very expensive tea with snacks.

Having brought our own snacks along, we took to exploring the natural surroundings of Babakin instead.

The setting sun is always beautiful.

But we found soon to our horror that similar to the morning drive towards east, we now are heading west towards Perth city, and thus have the setting sun right in our faces again. That’s how tough this entire day trip to the Wave Rock is!

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Join us next as we enjoy a meal at Corner Cafe.

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